Are you looking for the best books to learn how to invest in the stock market? In this study we have compiled a detailed ranking.

Many times we have wondered how to become excellent traders. Often we have also talked about the best courses to become a true finance guru and many more times we have talked about ebooks and books to become a successful trader.

Very well! In this guide, we will try to understand which are the best online trading books that must not be missing on your shelf to become a successful trader.

Best books to learn how to invest in the stock market with online trading

When it comes to trading books, it doesn’t matter whether you are a successful trader or not; it doesn’t matter if you are a Popular Investor or a beginner trader.

What matters is that you have the conviction and willpower to learn how to become a true successful trader.

If you have decided to challenge the markets yourself, then you cannot fail to follow these precautions that we will indicate below.

First of all, however, we advise you to always keep in mind that entering financial markets and trading online is purely risky.

You must therefore be aware of the expectations of profit, but above all of how you can manage the risk linked to online trading.

In this guide, therefore, you will find a series of texts that are highly recommended for both beginners and experienced investors.

These guides are all specially designed for those who want to expand their knowledge of the financial markets.

Very often even those who love copy trading and social trading love to study and deepen everything through these books.

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These are the ones that can give you the best tools to analyze and manage the copy trading activities with more precise and sophisticated methods.

You just have to choose one of these books below, relevant to your needs and start with the most suitable reading for you.

We just have to wish you good online trading and happy reading!

Books on trading

Why the guide about the best bookw for online trading?

Before proceeding with the reading of this guide, it is good to clarify that the world of finance, markets, stock exchange and financing is a harsh environment.

It is not easy to take this path, but at the same time it is fascinating.

It presents strict rules that those who memorized Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, but also The Wolf Of Wall Street, have learned to appreciate.

It is also defined by many traders as a ruthless, cruel environment where all capital can be lost, but at the same time unprecedented success can be achieved.

Basically, even if very dangerous, online trading if done with the right precautions and maximum insights, can also give satisfactions.

Let’s now analyze some texts written and based on personalities like Warren Baffet, J. Murphy or Benjamin Graham.

Best books on online trading

Currency Trading for Dummies – by Mark Galant and Brian Dolan

Libri finanza
Currency Trading for Dummies

In our humble opinion, we can define this first book we analyze as the best book on currency trading for beginners.

Quite simply, it presents an overall overview of:

  • how the currency market works;
  • what is technical analysis and how it works;
  • online trading tips on practical issues affecting the various markets, such as:
    • currencies;
    • raw material;
    • indices;
    • stocks.

Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market: Technical and Fundamental Strategies to Profit from Market Moves – by Kathy Lien

libri sulla finanza
Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market

The second book that we are going to analyze is considered by many expert traders as an excellent educational book on the fundamentals of day trading and swing trading. This is also very useful for trading on the currency markets.

The book basically offers a very concise explanation on how:

  1. to prepare for day trading;
  2. outline the bases of technical and fundamental analysis in simple terms even for less experienced traders.

The Complete TurtleTrader – by Michael Covel

Libri sul trading
The Complete TurtleTrader

The third book examined concerns the author Michael W. Covel who, through this book, tells of a group of novice traders.

These traders are in a position to follow the teachings and guidance of an extraordinary man: Richard Dennis. It is only thanks to him that today they have achieved incredible success.

Within this book you will find a series of information relating to the history of the 23 “Turtles”.

Detailed explanations are also available on some valuable strategies useful for making money in financial markets.

New Trader, Rich Trader: How to Make Money in the Stock Market – by Steve Burns

Manuali trading
New Trader, Rich Trader

This book is also very important for beginner traders and for those who already have some knowledge of trading.

It covers the various trading techniques, that are the basis and that all traders must know, better than others.

In this guide you will also find useful information on the various pitfalls that traders face every day on the financial markets.

They must learn to recognize and avoid them.

The substantial difference between Burns’ book and many other texts on similar topics is essentially based on the very useful knowledge of tactics.

These are transmitted in the form of an imaginary story, simple to follow and remember, with the characters of the New Trader and the Rich Trader.

Monster Stocks: How They Set Up, Run Up, Top and Make You Money – by John Boik

libri sulla borsa
Monster Stocks

This very basic and very well-made guide also focuses on buying and selling stocks.

Specifically, the book deals with a possible prediction technique. It deals with predicting through detailed arrangements and techniques.

You can also learn to recognize the titles that will conquer the market. Among these are well-detailed:

  • the Monster Stocks;
  • Google;
  • Apple.

Through this guide you can therefore understand how simple it is to identify only one of these titles that break the resistance (the so-called “breakout”) and achieve maximum success during the year.

This book should therefore provide all the tools you need to identify titles before their value skyrockets.

A Trader’s First Book on Commodities: An Introduction to the World’s Fastest Growing Market – by Carley Garner

A trader’s first book on commodities

This is an introductory guide. You can tell it from the title.

The book aims to shed light on the problems but also the characteristics of trading on commodities.

Commodity markets have their own set of rules and are the markets most sensitive to the laws of supply and demand.

This book, offered by Garner, details his advice with practical teaching examples. These are all his experiences accumulated over the years and that he wanted to give you through this collection. Very well structured, it is recommended for all traders who are novice with online trading and with commodites in particular.

Before continuing with our ranking, we wanted to clarify that it was not easy to put on a guide of this size.

It is not easy, but we put the maximum effort into it and asked the best traders which books have helped them become so popular.

For this reason we continue to offer you our ranking on the best trading books.

We consider the books we offer you as excellent starting points, to get ideas, but above all to have fun.

You will immediately notice that not all the books on offer are for you. No problem. You will surely find the one that best suits your needs.

Let’s go on with our ranking.

Analisi tecnica dei mercati finanziari – Martin J. Pring

Technical Analysis explained – Martin J. Pring

This book is intended to be a complete and indispensable guide for all novice traders, who want to enter or who have recently entered the world of online trading.

The explanation flows clearly thanks to the use of graphs. A book that in our opinion should not be missing and that every trader must keep within reach.

The Market Wizards series by Jack Schwager

manuale di trading
Market Wizards by Jack Schwager

Also this guide is very often offered for traders who are really willing to trade online.

It is not impossible to find this guide on the shelves of serious traders. We can think about it as the most complete collection of interviews with the most important traders in the world.

However, like all guides, this one too may be a little dated. Therefore? It might be useful to keep this in mind in order to perfectly capture a moment in time, to better understand how the markets move.

In short, we define it as a useful guide for all traders who want to understand how the current best traders of today have become such, starting from scratch.

Stan Weinstein’s Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets – Stan Weinstein

libri Forex
Stan Weinstein’s Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets

Defined as Stan Weinstein’s book on secrets, we recommend it in order to profit in the “bullish” and “bearish” markets.

It was one of the first books on this topic, and the first to quantify one of the most important concepts of trading: namely the 4 phases within which the stock markets move.

Unlike what it might seem from the cover, dating back to 1988, inside this book you can find the best analyzes, moreover still very current and always updated.

How to Make Money In Stocks – O’Neil

Migliori libri sul trading
How to Make Money In Stocks

Online trading is based on the analysis of the charts. Knowing how to interpret the chart in the best way is one of the first steps towards success.

You just have to start studying the markets today.

The book is very useful to

  1. interpret the charts;
  2. analyze them;
  3. get to know how to read them.

Only after that, we advise you to start trading with a demo account, putting into practice what you have learned in this book.

In this book, you will indeed find graphs linked to O’Neil’s annotations. The combination of these 2 elements gives you the basis for success in online trading.

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Technical analysis of financial markets. A comprehensive guide to trading methods and applications – John J Murphy

Technical analysis of finacial markets by John J. Murphy

Also in this case, the book is recommended for all traders who are part of this sector.

In fact, the best traders can only enjoy the detailed explanations available in this manual and that, in our opinion, are really useful for all the moments of the life of a trader.

Defined as a true academic manual, it has been appreciated for several years for its quality and is also considered by trader gurus as the financial market Bible.

The volume is recommended for all those who want to learn the technical analysis of online trading.

Not everyone knows that online trading is dangerous and they believe it is child’s play, but unfortunately it is not.

Many talk about online trading but don’t actually know what it is.

In short this book explains you the new stock market analysis techniques including:

  • maximum and minimum indices;
  • bullish volume and bass player;
  • candlesticks technique needed in order to understand the market graphs;
  • intermarket analysis aimed at evaluating the relationships existing between the various stock and futures financial markets.

A book with a high technical content, but which can undoubtedly also interest those who are looking for the first time in this new and dynamic sector.

Within this guide you will also find a series of special precautions such as:

  • new trading techniques;
  • new computer systems;
  • wealth management;
  • new analysis systems such as:
    • the market benefits from nothing else than the graphical representation which highlights the price areas on which financial operations are carried out.

Finally, what you need to keep in mind are the tips and strategies of J.Murphy’s Technical Analysis of Financial Markets book.

This, in fact, allows you to learn how to move in this environment, but also how to earn.

Our advice, regardless of the type of book you choose, is to study constantly and effectively, because those who know how to read a graph will also be able to understand in a few seconds how the price is moving and this will allow them to obtain high profits and high targets.

The Intelligent Investor: A Book of Practical Counsel – Benjamin Graham

The intelligent investor

This book is the classic bestseller by Benjamin Graham.

A book that has educated and inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Its first publication dates back to almost 70 years ago (1949), but still today it is considered as the foundation and guide to investment valid and respected by all traders that never sets.

This volume deals with the different financial investment techniques. It shows the possible equity and bond investments.

Within these guides, 7 basic laws are specified to be followed in order to obtain and be able to evaluate safe equity investments.

To do this, you must choose the appropriate stock by analyzing the size of the issuing company and its financial situation.

In our humble opinion, it could be interpreted as an excellent text to delve into the maze of the financial and investment world.

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques – Steve Nison

libro trading
Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

Unfortunately there are still many books of candlestick charts, but almost all are derived from Nison’s tome.

Why then buy copies of books when it is possible to buy the book of books?

The precursor of all books is therefore Nison’s book. Only in this one you will find:

  • the main concepts;
  • the most important patterns related to the creation of candlesticks.

In our opinion, there is no better book than this one to learn all you need to know about Japanese candles.

Warrent Buffet: l’investitore intelligente

Warrent Buffet: Intelligent investor

In this guide, you will find all the useful information in order to understand the best way to get rich when others lose.

Within this volume, you will therefore find the strategies and style of Mr Buffet, one of the richest and most important investors in the United States.

In short, in this book you will find detailed explanations of all the techniques of the Omaha oracle in a simple, clear and intelligent way.

A fundamental book therefore, that cannot be missing from your library.

Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. MalKiel

analisi tecnica libri
Random Walk Down Wall Street

This volume is used to deepen and better understand the functioning of:

  1. stocks markets;
  2. mutual funds;
  3. the investment techniques.

Therefore, it is nothing else than a rich popular volume useful for assimilating basic terminology typical of Wall Street and for learning new investment techniques.

Guida completa al trading. Strategie operative e tecniche d’intervento nei mercati finanziari

Price patterns, strategies, setups and execution tactics

All successful traders have been novice traders.

What better guide if not the one that focuses on observing a stock chart as an excellent profit opportunity?

In short, the guide will also explain how to:

  1. classify all conflicting signs;
  2. eliminate graph noise;
  3. structure your analyzes;
  4. enter and exit the market;
  5. manage trades effectively and quickly.

This volume therefore answers all the common questions that traders ask themselves. It doesn’t matter the level of experience and preparation you have, as it illustrates a useful path to analyze the graph.

It briefly illustrates the search for specific trading opportunities built on proven price principles, already used by winning traders for some time.

In addition to this, there is the possibility of establishing some fundamental principles of price as a guide in the analysis.

Finally, some specific strategies are superimposed, which allow you to take advantage of the candlestick charts within which not only the graphic formations are illustrated, but also the importance it has in identifying the price reversal points, up to the graphic formation of the price and Fibonacci retracements.

Note that all of these are elements that fall within the specific context of the life cycle of a price movement on any timeframe.

Basically, knowing where the chart is located in the life cycle of a price movement helps to understand which strategies are most effective and which indicators reveal the best setups.

You will then learn to:

  • enter the market;
  • place stops;
  • aim at a specific target;
  • keep the position open with a view to obtaining greater profits.

Il metodo Warren Buffett. I segreti del più grande investitore del mondo

The Warren Buffet Way

Warren Buffett is defined as the second richest person in America. Known for being one of the largest financiers in the world, today his capital is around 142 billion.

Within this guide, there is therefore the “Buffett method“, which analyzes in detail his private life, as well as his professional training, and the great financial successes of large companies such as:

  • Coca-Cola;
  • IBM;
  • Heinz, ecc.

Finally, he also analyzes the “12 paradigms” underlying his work philosophy, such as the psychology behind every financial decision, and the value of patience and his preference for long-term investments.

Opinions and thoughts about the best books on trading

Remember that these guides, these books on trading are meant to be only practical advice with techniques already tested. They are not and should not be taken as incentives for online trading.

Finally remember that even if structured in a simple and intuitive way, they are only trading tips. Online trading also carries risks.

Then you should just risk the capital that you are willing to lose.

All information shown here is not and should not be construed as investment advice.

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