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Online Trading Guide

In this section you will find our guide to online trading, with which you will be able to understand the trading of numerous financial assets. Here you will find a lot of useful information on how to start trading online on the best brokers regulated by the competent authorities and with the possibility of opening a completely free demo account without the need for a deposit, in fact on this type of account a virtual credit is offered by the broker for you to test trading platforms.

[Online trading guide] – What we will discuss in this category is an in-depth analysis on how to start online trading, let’s see how it works and the opinions on the different types of trading. In fact, many wonder “What is trading?”.

Today there are different opinions on online trading, but we can guarantee you that online trading is within the reach of many people, if they spend time in training and learn to respect the essential rules useful for investment.

Don’t think of becoming an online trading expert overnight, much less start making money overnight! To become an online trading expert you must be patient and take care of all the most important aspects in a profitable way, as well as take an online trading course. Only by developing a conscious approach to this world you will be able to find safe online trading, distinguishing it from scams that, even in this world, it is not uncommon to meet.

Online trading: what is it?

If you are beginners and you want to learn how to operate with online trading, in this section you can find all the information you are looking for regarding:

  • what is online trading and what are the rules of the markets;
  • what are the best assets to invest in the online trading;
  • how to make an order;
  • what are the mistakes to avoid in the online trading;
  • how to find the best platforms for online trading;
  • strategies to adopt to do the best online trading; etc

Finally, we will show you how it is possible today, thanks to the Internet and modern online trading platforms, to operate in the financial markets, comfortably  from home by working with financial intermediaries.

Let’s start by giving a definition of online trading and more precisely let’s see what online trading is in this guide for beginner traders.

As we have seen, the financial markets in general and investments in particular over the past decade have totally changed the world of investments. Physical intermediaries gradually disappeared and more and more online trading brokers like eToro, Investous, IQ Option and so on appeared.

Online trading is a new financial system that uses the internet and allows us to invest through trades on the stock market. That is, those who decide to invest in the stock market can choose to make a purchase of financial instruments directly from home, simply with a PC.

Our advice is to choose regulated online trading brokers, or recognized legal brokers able to operate in the financial markets, through CySEC or other authoritative institution.

Be careful not to confuse online trading with any other form of investment, as it requires commitment and passion. Those who find themselves investing in online trading need:

  • a good experience in market analysis;
  • a correct intraday trading strategy;
  • a good dose of self control, that is, knowing how to judiciously manage the money used and knowing how to manage the risk to which the trader is exposed.

Migliori corsi di trading

In our section dedicated to online trading you can find all the information necessary and useful for a successful outcome, for its proper functioning, also being able to take advantage of many professional tools, as well as a simple and in-depth learning path. which allow you to perform a correct online trading simulation.

You can also choose one of the best brokers, selected by us, which offer the possibility of operating with a demo online trading account, where you don’t win and lose real money, but you have a great trading experience and you experiment with online trading strategies.

Thanks to our guides you will learn the basics of online trading and understand how the markets work and especially how other traders work, taking advantage of all their useful and indispensable information. You will learn the differences between online Forex trading and online commodity trading, indices, stocks, etc.

If you choose one of the Forex brokers on our site you can take advantage of the demo account and then you can do online trading simulations; in this way it will be possible to test the platforms totally free of charge, as the demos are identical to the real accounts. Thanks to the demos it is possible to trade online safely and without the risk of scams.

Open a demo account on eToro!

Online trading: how it works and how to start for beginners

Before starting to operate in online trading we must have some basic points clear; we must first understand what we want and implement the right strategy to achieve the goal we have set.

The first thing to do is to open an online trading account with a broker and then understand what are the objectives that you want to achieve, as well as the risks that you want to take.

For this reason, the financial intermediaries are very important, such as direct trading, which represents a Mobile Intermediation Company with the main purpose of allowing private investors to buy and sell shares electronically via PC through immediate execution of orders and with reduced costs.

Once we have outlined the objectives, chosen our broker, we move on to the in-depth study of online trading in general and of markets in particular, especially those of our interest, through books or even through a free or paid online trading course, training events and conferences

All of this falls within that macro-category which is often addressed with the improper term “online trading guide“. Well, know that a real guide on the world of trading includes different and complementary elements.

Online trading, best platforms: how to choose

Being able to find the best online trading platforms is not easy at all. If you ask an experienced trader what he thinks is the best platform for trading today, his answer will start for sure with “in my opinion“. And in fact this happens because, always remaining in the context of safe online trading, there is no better platform in absolute terms, but only platforms that are more or less suitable for the characteristics of the individual trader.

What we want to tell you is that you will be you, according to your personal characteristics and in consideration of your experience, to indicate which are the best platforms. For example, if you have a schematic approach to the world of trading, it is obvious that you do not need a very complex platform, but a broker who is able, immediately, to provide you with the few things you need for your business. In the same way, another example, if you like the comparison with other traders it is obvious that for you the best online trading will be the one offered by the platforms that allow you to interact with other investors, i.e. those of social trading.

From these two examples it is clear that the choice of the best broker is up to you. From our part, we can limit ourselves to putting you in a position to make a mature choice, for example by giving you only secure online trading platforms.

Online trading: risk management

money management forex

A fundamental point that all those who want to trade online must always keep in mind concerns risk management. Before starting to trade online, the best thing to limit your losses is undoubtedly to diversify your portfolio and invest a marginal share of your budget.

For this reason, we recommend that you never risk more than you can afford to lose, and never invest more than 5% for each trade. This is very important not only emotionally, but also economically. On the other hand, about the diversification of contracts, this allows us to compensate for any losses of one contract with the winnings of another contract. Finally we advise you to study a lot and to risk little. After all, the best online trading is the one that is mainly the result of your experience and nothing else.

So, we can summarize the concept of online trading in simple points;

online trading is meant as the purchase of financial instruments through internet; you can buy and sell financial assets, like:

  • stocks;
  • bonds;
  • cryptocurrencies;
  • commodities;
  • currencies (Forex).

Online trading on eToro

If you are not an expert trader, if you are not sure how to invest in online trading, we recommend you do it with eToro broker. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced trader.

You just need to manage your emotions better and have a minimum capital to invest of just $ 200 to open an eToro social trading account.

Thanks to it you can choose to copy other traders and invest in them. How? Leveraging their skills and focusing on the best strategies.

All you have to do is open a demo or real trading account, copy the traders that best suit your trading characteristics and profile to your account and start investing in them today.

Become a social trader too!

Online trading with IQ Option

IQ Option is now considered a veteran in the field of online trading. More and more traders now choose to invest with it as a regulated broker and a simple platform to be used not only by beginners, but also by expert traders.

It offers different investment solutions regardless of whether you are using a demo account, or a real account, from the minimum required deposit of just € 10.

Finally, the online broker also offers minimum trades of € 1 with a free training service for all traders, suitable for choosing how and when to invest with the best online trading strategies.

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“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Online trading is a new financial system that uses the internet and allows us to invest through trades on the stock market. That is, those who decide to invest in the stock market can choose to make a purchase of financial instruments directly from home, simply with a PC.
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Where to do online trading?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “In order to do online trading you need a financial intermediary, this can be your bank or a broker. We at have reviewed several brokers, that you will find in this post and in our website.”

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