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Binary options are highly speculative instruments that aim to profit from the upward or downward movements of the price of an object traded, called:

“underlying asset” (or simply asset).

At this point you might ask:

How to earn with binary options? 

Binary options offer many profit possibilities and are definitely within everyone’s reach.

The binary options trading platforms, in fact, are very simple to use and you can buy a binary option just with a simple click.

The returns from the investment in binary options are also very attractive, just think that the basic profit starts from 70% of the invested capital and reaches 85%.

While for particular types of binary options, such as one touch binary options, you can earn a percentage that reaches 550% of the invested capital.

However, we must specify that trading is a high risk instrument and you can also lose the entire invested capital, therefore you must be very careful, trade responsibly and above all study the strategies / techniques and try them on the regulated brokers that offer a free demo account.

One of the positive aspects of binary options consists in knowing in advance the possible profit, therefore, even before investing. Look carefully:

What we have brought to your attention is a normal binary options trading platform.

As you can see, once the capital you want to invest is entered, the probable profit is automatically calculated.

In this way, you will have clear information from the beginning and determine if you are ready or not to risk a certain amount for a certain profit.

Is it possible or not to make money with binary options?

How many times have you wondered if it is possible to earn with binary options or not?

Probably a lot of times!

In this post we want to be very clear with you.

It is possible to make money by trading binary options and it is also possible to generate a constant profit.

There are many traders who actually do binary trading daily and bring profits home.

There are many, however, who lose all the capital, above all we must also pay attention to the choice of the broker, verifying that he is authorized and licensed to operate in Europe.

However, we warn you that it is easy to make money with binary options but, at the same time, it is easy to lose money because of the many risks you face when you trade binary.

To earn with binary options, it is not enough to open an account with any broker (we always and only recommend regulated and authorized CySEC and CONSOB brokers). If it is true that with binary options profits are even higher than 80% in a few minutes, on the other hand, however, it takes a lot of commitment from the trader and a thorough study of the best binary options strategies.

Here are some categories of risks that can occur when trading with binary options.

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Risk related to binary options trading

Before suggesting how to make money with binary options, it is useful to also be aware of the risks deriving from this activity.

As in any profession, there are risks involved also in trading with binary options.

It is well known that risks can be more or less variable according to the nature of the activity itself.

When an entrepreneur decides, for example, to open a restaurant, he knows that he must put some capital at risk, which in this specific case can vary from € 100,000 to € 300,000.

That sum is what is needed to start the economic machine and start making money.

The entrepreneur, however, is not sure that the invested capital can actually bring him earnings, he only assumes, based on calculations made previously, that the business can go well and, therefore, get some profits.

If all goes well, the entrepreneur recovers the invested capital and then he begins to earn.

In binary options the concept is different, because the initial capital can be doubled or tripled in a short time. Although it may seem absurd, it is not at all: just think that investment banks invest in financial markets and not in restaurants.

The risk, however, could also be that of losing the capital invested.

So, logically, a trader who invests to earn with binary options runs the risk of losing his capital, just like an entrepreneur runs the risk of losing the assets invested in his company.

If one stops to analyze only the risks deriving from the investment in binary options, one cannot get a clear idea of ​​what this investment activity actually is, which unlike the business activity, requires a certain amount of emotional control.

  • Why is the emotional control important?

Emotional control is essential if you want to make money with binary options and generally when trading online in the financial markets.

Earnings from binary options are almost immediate, as could be the losses.

The speed with which you can have profits or losses is the cause that could make the trader act irrationally, especially when he is not prepared for this.

Assuming that you invest € 10,000 in binary options, of course, you will not invest € 10,000 in a single option, and admitting that you want to dedicate 5% of your capital to each binary option purchased, therefore, you will invest € 500 in each trade; if your investment is successful you will get a profit of € 400, the average yield being close to 80% of the invested capital.

This gain can also be obtained in just 5 minutes, it will essentially depend on the expiry of the chosen binary option.

Earning € 400 in 5 minutes is certainly not something that happens every day, which is why many traders, once they have obtained their first profits, no longer act rationally, risking losing immediately what they have earned.

And not only that, because driven by the haste to recover what is lost, they dare more!

In this way they expose themselves with all their available capital.

This can happen because earning so much money in such a short time can make you run the risk of feeling infallible, increasing the desire to get rich in a very short time.

So why not increase the risks, for example by investing 10% of capital for each binary option?

That’s absolutely wrong!

Recover a loss

Recovering a loss can be fundamental

We have not yet fully clarified the potential of binary options and how to earn, but knowing the potential losses that can be incurred means first of all avoiding them and consequently earning more.

To recover a loss, you need to make more gains.

In fact, each loss requires a higher positive performance, in terms of percentage, to be recovered.

In some cases, therefore, such a high percentage is reached that a recovery is almost impossible, touching the total loss of the capital invested.

It’s scary, isn’t it?

If you already lose 30% of your capital, to recover that figure you need to get a performance of 42.85%.

And again, if you get to lose 90% you are forced to pursue a positive performance of 900%, if you want to redeem the entire lost sum!

This should make you understand and reflect on the importance of controlling losses in investing in binary options.

We therefore open another way on the path that will lead you to gain with binary options, discovering how to control and manage any losses.

How to earn with binary options by controlling losses

Losses are not only a material aspect.

For a trader, a loss can be primarily an emotional problem that could affect the success of all future operations.

Losing creates insecurity, fear and frustration in most cases.

When one thinks of a loss, one’s mood is undoubtedly negative.

Try to do it, too. Think about a loss…

how do you feel?

What is the emotion you are feeling?

Good, now I want that you think about a win instead…

what’s the difference?

If you have thought about what I have just suggested to you, you will certainly have felt emotions, but in reality you have neither won nor lost, therefore what you have tried exists only in your mind, only in your emotion.

If you lose you get depressed, if you win you get excited.

You are still between two extremes that never lead to anything good.

  • The emotionality of a professional trader

In your opinion, how does a professional trader deal with a loss or gain with binary options?

Does he feel the same emotions you just felt?

You probably don’t know the answer because you are not yet a professional trader, but we are sure that you can become one and, to do that, you should change something, and then, in this regard, I ask you a question:

are you rich?

If the answer is no, then it means that, in order to change your economic condition you must first change yourself.

This last statement does not want to be the usual phrase made by a good motivator, but it wants to be a truth.

And do you know why?

Because a professional trader remains impassible whether he wins or loses.

A professional trader does not have strong emotions, he is not between the two emotional extremes described above.

Losses, for him, are part of the investment.

They are not bad but only a consequence of the fact that you are investing, as are the winnings.

The professional trader does not get excited or depressed, he does nothing but balance the two factors, making the profits outweigh the losses.

But how does he do it?

Let’s find out below…

Make money with binary options: THE SECRET

Is there a secret to make money with binary options?

Or rather, is it really possible to make money with binary options?

There is a real binary trading technique that allows you to obtain constant earnings over time and proportional to your capital.

Remember that you cannot earn hundreds of thousands of euros with 100 € of investment, but you can grow those 100 € and let them rise up to a figure that allows you to earn a lot.

How could you do that?

It is called compound interest and consists of adding up the gains to the capital.

Follow this example:

  • Let’s say you have € 1,000 in capital;
  • In a month you can get 30% of the profits, which is very likely since with a single binary option you can earn from 70% to 85% of the invested capital.
  • Let’s admit that instead of withdrawing your earnings, you reinvest them.

Let’s take a look at what can happen if you use this technique for 1 year:

  • 1º month: 1.300 €
  • 2º month: 1.690 €
  • 3º month: 2.197 €
  • 4º month: 2.856 €
  • 5º month: 3.712 €
  • 6º month: 4.825 €
  • 7º month: 6.272 €
  • 8º month: 8.153 €
  • 9º month: 10.598 €
  • 10º month: 13.777 €
  • 11º month: 17.910 €
  • 12º month: 23.283 €

This calculation is to make you understand that the path to wealth is absolutely viable.

Just follow the pattern and the rules of the game.

In the meantime, a lot of discipline is needed, a useful feature to continue pursuing your goal.

How to make money with binary options?

Let’s now take a closer look at the problem of making money with binary options.

You can’t think of making money on the first day of trading, much less making it with a single transaction.

To achieve long and lasting success, you will need to build a reliable trading system, which allows you to produce a reasonable return in the long term.

Do you want to know how it is possible to make money with binary options?

Simply follow these 4 tips:

1.Learn how to read the candlestick charts.

In this way you will learn to take advantage of the future price trend by studying the trend of the past price. Practice will help you to interpret the charts better and better.

2. Study the historical trend of the price of the chosen asset.

Don’t pretend you can compare trading with binary options to gambling. This way you will fail at the very beginning! An experienced trader, if he really wants to make money with binary options, uses the data and information in his possession to make the best choice.

3. Look and follow the price trends.

If the price of gold has gone up in the past few days, you have to resist the temptation to invest in bearish options. Likewise, if the shares of a company continue to decline for a certain period of time, you will be very cautious about investing upwards. You have to be very careful with false signals. Below we will better explain how you can earn by following short-term trends.

4. Do not risk money that you can’t afford to lose.

Our advice is to open a demo account before you start trading binary options, if you’ve never traded online before. To get started, just open a demo account with a regulated broker and understand how to trade with a Binary Options Demo Account.

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How to lose money with binary options

As in everything, even in binary options there is a downside; here we are going to introduce you to the different ways of investing that must not be followed in any way.

  • Blindly follow the trend

Unfortunately today there are many brokers who advertise the possibility of obtaining 100% earnings following the bullish or bearish trend.

But how is this possible?

There is nothing more false!

Following such a strategy does not lead to any gain, but only to total loss.

However, we must clarify something:

Following the trend can be an excellent strategy, but only if carried out with due care and cannot be a suitable strategy for short-term investments.

Take for example an asset that follows an uptrend; suppose we use a chart with a time frame equal to H1 (60 minutes).

If instead of investing over such a long period, we tried to invest in a time frame of only 60 seconds, what would happen?

We would lose everything!

This is because the H1 trend consists of many rises and falls in the price that occur in the short term (every 60 seconds).

In fact, a strong upward trend, in a one hour time frame, has different characteristics compared to the 60 second time frame.

So it could close higher in the long term and close lower in the short term.

  • Investing on maximums and minimums available on the broker’s charts

Let’s suppose we have to invest through a classic chart proposed by our binary options broker.

The basic investment proposed by all brokers is very simple:

  1. you invest downwards when a maximum point is touched;
  2. you invest upwards when a minimum point is touched.

But nobody can assure us that whenever the price of an asset reaches a maximum or minimum level, then it will move in the opposite direction.

The factors that influence the price trend of an asset are different, and they cannot be simplified to the point of blindly (and only) trusting the maximum and minimum levels found on a chart.

Trading techniques to earn with binary options

There are many techniques that can help you make money with binary options.

Some are really very complicated, but contrary to what one might think, the road to wealth is not so twisty.

Among the best strategies to invest profitably in binary options, those related to technical analysis, with its points of support and resistance, can really be suitable for you.

  • What are supports and resistances?

You must know that the prices of the financial markets do not move randomly, but follow specific trends and directions:

Bullish direction: in the bullish direction we have a succession of rising highs and lows, just like in the chart below.

Grafico opzioni

Bearish direction: in this case, however, the succession of highs and lows is decreasing.


Lateral direction: in the lateral direction the prices oscillate between two extremes properly called supports and resistances

Supports are areas where the price tends to rebound by projecting upwards; resistances are areas where the price tends to be rejected and projected downwards. Usually, after a lateral phase, which is simply a transition phase, there is a trend that can be either bullish or bearish.

Opzioni binarie

How to invest in online trading with binary options

There are different ways to earn with binary options.

To do this, you can take advantage of the two basic rules of trends.

  • 1st rule: a trend feeds itself until it weakens.
  • 2nd rule: in a lateral phase, the break of the support leads to a bearish trend, while the break of a resistance leads to a bullish trend.

By taking advantage of these simple rules, you can make money on investing in binary options.

Now the last piece is missing: the broker.

Make money by choosing the best binary options brokers

To invest in binary options you have to rely on a binary options broker who provides you with all the tools necessary to operate on the markets in total safety.

The brokers you can find on our website have been chosen by our staff on the basis of fundamental requirements, such as:

  • Reliability
  • Competence
  • High earnings
  • Information material on the site
  • Fast and easy to use trading platform
  • Regular European license
  • Simple and fast withdrawals
  • Multilingual quality assistance

At this point you just have to choose the broker that meets your needs.

Always remember what you learned today and immediately put it into practice with great determination and lots of enthusiasm.

Remember that the goal can be reached, so TRY IT!

Investing in binary options is certainly one of the best ways to make money online.

Financial markets have always offered great opportunities to all those who seriously face this type of business.

In financial markets, and therefore also in binary options investments, it is possible to earn both when the price of a financial asset rises and when the price falls, therefore, basically, concrete gains can always be obtained.


And it is precisely on the gains from the investment in binary options that we want to emphasize.

Many of the users who write to us ask how much they can earn by investing in binary options, so we want to try to respond through an analysis that can make you understand, in a generic way, the potential earnings deriving from this type of activity.

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Earnings in binary options investment

To understand how much you can earn in investing in binary options we need to analyze 3 important factors:

  • Average gain per binary option
  • Average loss for binary option
  • Probability percentage in favor of a strategy

These are the 3 key factors that allow us to be able to calculate the possible gains from trading in binary options.

Let’s analyze them one by one.

Average gain per binary option:

the average gain per binary option represents the percentage of average earnings that the binary options broker we use offers us. Usually binary options brokers offer a percentage of profit ranging from 70% to 85% of the invested capital, which means that the average return is around 77% of the invested capital.

Average loss for binary option:

calculating the value of this factor is simple as the average loss is always 100%, that is, in the event that the trader’s prediction is not successful, the sustained loss would be equal to the invested capital, therefore, equal to 100%.

Probability percentage in favor of a strategy:

each trading strategy in binary options offers a certain percentage of probability in favor of the success of the investments, this means that there are trading strategies that offer 60% probability, 70% and there are others that reach 80%. This means that, if we use a strategy that offers us 70% probability in favor, then 70 times out of 100 the trading signal will lead to a gain, while 30 times out of 100 it will lead to a loss.

How much you can earn with binary options: concrete data


Let’s summarize the data we need to calculate the possible return from investing in binary options:

  • Average gain: 77%
  • Average loss: 100%
  • Probability in favor: 70%

Let’s say we have a trading capital of € 1,000 and we decide to invest € 10 in the purchase of each single binary option, and let’s also say that our strategy offers us 5 daily trading signals, therefore, 25 investments per week if we consider that during the weekends the markets are closed.

So every month we invest in 100 binary options, therefore, the calculation is done quickly:

  • Gain for each binary option: 10€ x 77% = 7.7€
  • Loss for each binary option: 10€
  • Unsuccesful binary options: 30
  • Priofitable binary options: 70
  • Total loss: 300€
  • Total gain: 539€
  • Total earnings: 539€ – 300€= 239€.


We earned € 239 in a month of investing in binary options by immobilizing just € 1,000, which means that in one year we would have earned € 2,868, for an overall return of 286%.

A very good return on investment!

Obviously remember that every trader, in order to have such performance, must absolutely have some experience in the field of online trading.

He must therefore know the logic that moves the financial markets where he wants to invest, as well as know the basic principles of technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

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