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Investments and savings

Investing your savings is never easy. There are many investment opportunities, but not all of them can be right for you. Here you will find interesting ideas for your investments and managed savings.

[MANAGED SAVINGS] In this investment and savings guide you will find a series of very useful information in order to better manage your capital through the right savings and the right investment.

Through the investment guides available here you will find the best offers of the moment, integrated with the best shares, the best stocks, the best insights into savings and investments in times of crisis, including an in-depth study on online trading which today presents itself as one of the best ways to invest and earn money from home.

Investments vs savings

Investments vs savings

Difference between savings and investment

It is also important to underline a very important element that unfortunately many traders still do not understand today, which concerns the difference between saving and investment.

Very often we confuse the terms savings and investment by using them improperly as synonyms, or we also use savers and investors to indicate a similar situation.

Unfortunately, most of the time this is not possible as the differences between the categories are considerable and they are not similar words, as they mean different concepts and have to do with fundamental variables, such as risk.

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Savings can be defined as the portion of income received that you choose not to consume immediately to meet future extraordinary expenses. Part of the savings can then be used for the investment. So the only connection between savings and investment concerns the savings part that you decide to invest and we cannot consider them as synonyms.

On the other hand, the investment can be considered:

  • in a strictly economic sense (such as the purchase of an asset to support the company or the wealth of the family);
  • in financial terms (such as the purchase of a share, or a bond or a mutual fund with the aim of seeing the capital increase).

Investing to get something is not synonymous of achieving a goal, which is not at all obvious, without considering that sometimes the result can also be negative, compromising the invested capital.

So is it better to save or to invest? It’s a matter of points of view.

Not all savers are investors and not all investors are savers. There are subjects more dedicated to risk who invest without saving, such as traders who invest in online trading with Forex trading, which allow you to obtain potentially greater gains (but also higher losses) than simple investments made in government bonds, for example.

On the other hand, there are subjects who, for no reason in the world, want to invest but tend to cumulate constant and lasting savings. In this case, these subjects look favorably on depositing their savings in a bank or postal institution and leaving them “parked” there, so as not to take risks.

But there is also another very important fundamental point for saving and investing: risk appetite. The more you risk, the higher the return in the case of positive performance, but the greater the loss if the performance was negative.

Many prefer investment, since money tends to lose purchasing power over time due to inflation; consequently, saving money may not be the best solution.

Balanced investments and savings: advice

Our advice for savings and investment is to dedicate some of your savings to investing. Be very careful, however, because there is no single recipe, a magic formula that allows you to obtain the success from an investment.

However, following some advice to make money online, connected to some prudential rules, can help a lot to minimize risks and make your investment pay off. This is why financial advice from an expert can be of great help in this case.

Today there are many professionals on the market, experienced operators who devote most of their savings and time to investment. Some of them, after a careful study of the subject, have managed to obtain remarkable successes, so that they have repaid their investment, while others have suffered losses.

This suggests that, regardless of the type of investment you make, the risk is always there. To overcome this problem, diversifying the portfolio is of fundamental importance. In this way, any losses are compensed by the gains from other transactions.

Saving and investing even in times of crisis is possible by being careful to diversify not only between assets, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, etc., but also between assets at a geographical level, taking into consideration the possibility of investing with Forex on currencies. Unfortunately, making these choices takes time, dedication and passion.

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Another type of investment, which is less risky than online trading and which today consists of obtaining a good profit margin, is represented by deposit accounts which in recent years have greatly reduced the distinction between saving and investing.

If you want to stay constantly updated on the subject of savings and investments, you just have to browse our guides in this section.

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