Where and how to invest money today? Where to invest in the stock market? Bonds, government bonds, stock exchange, Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies? Here are some tips for investing your savings online today! For those looking for a safe investment, remember that there is nothing that can offer 100% mathematical security, not even online trading.

Disclaimer about cryptocurrencies: availability subject to regulations

If you want to understand how to invest your savings in the best way, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading this guide and you will find answers to your questions. Above all, we will tell you where, how and why it is worth investing today.

How to invest today: recommendations

Investing today

Investing today containing the risks to earn without the need for high capital is possible!

In fact, finding the right solution to invest today is not easy, but it is possible. We must be very careful and above all we must learn to move independently, but it is not impossible!

If you want to know how to invest your money today we advise you to follow this guide, in which we will show you how to invest with online trading, but we will also show you all the other known methods.

In any case, we recommend relying on safe and regulated online trading brokers.

Is investing with online trading really worth it? We will explain why investing in online trading today can be an opportunity and then you will decide where and how to invest, and if it is really possible to earn with online trading. Be careful though, if you are looking for safe investments, the recommendation can only be to not underestimate the risk factor, because with online trading on the one hand it is possible to earn in a short time, but on the other it is possible to lose everything!

Investing today: is it possible to live on an annuity?

Come investire oggi
How to invest today?

Before investing and hoping to earn, we must set goals that we must respect. We can start by planning our investment strategy, focusing on some points such as:

  • know how much money we can invest;
  • how much time we have to spend on investment;
  • what kind of investment we can afford: shares; stock market; or even Forex, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to use one financial instrument or another to invest today; the only trick is that you have to learn as soon as possible to think with your own head. You can’t invest in a market if you don’t know it.

For example, think about online trading. How do we invest in online trading if we don’t know what online trading is? We will only risk losing all our capital if we start trading online without the right knowledge.

How to invest today in online trading

If you want to know how to invest in online trading today to exploit all the advantages mentioned so far, just follow these simple tips below. These will allow you to earn in the short and medium term:

  • 1) Develop a winning strategy

The first point concerns the definition of the strategy to be adopted. Develop an action plan, a strategic project to focus on to invest in the financial markets. If you are an inexperienced trader, rely on the guidance of your broker who will advise you on the steps to take.

Don’t demand the moon! Do not aim too high and try to invest in an online trading strategy that allows you to make small and regular gains that will then increase over time.

  • Apply your action plan

If you want to become professional traders, study hard and always commit. Develop your action plan, take advantage of the advice of your broker, always be rational and lucid in your choices, since you will first have to understand how to trade in order to earn.

  • 3) Do not improvise

Don’t play traders. To trade online you need to train and experience.

You will have to invest today in studying, to earn tomorrow, because if it is true that trading is within everyone’s reach, it is not true that it can be done without adequate training.

  • 4) Be able to read online trading charts

Another fundamental point to earn on the markets with online trading is the ability to follow the trend. This can be done through the historical trends offered by the platforms that are reflected in the real-time charts granted by the broker.

Investing today

The study of the trend helps us to interpret the possible price movements, to be ready to enter the market at the right time.

  • 5) Start trading online

Finally, once you have learned the basic concepts, start trading online with a real account. Keep in mind that the price trend of your asset depends on political and economic events and is therefore subject to continuous study. You will have to focus on continuous training, on reading market analysis and the economic calendar that is usually provided by your broker.

Why investing today in non-banking online trading?

We will examine in this paragraph all the advantages related to online trading with non-bank brokers.

Non-banking online trading is a tool that allows us to:

  1. get lower commissions than traditional banks;
  2. online trading brokers provide professional platforms and charts at no additional cost;
  3. withdraw and deposit cash quickly;
  4. get bonuses made available by brokers;
  5. operate 24 hours a day;
  6. it requires no experience other than the basic one and most of the times it is granted free of charge directly by the brokers through customer support;
  7. open a free demo account in less than 5 minutes (check availability according to the chosen broker);
  8. use leverage;
  9. have full control of your shares and your investment through the trading platform.

Where to invest today?

Where to invest today?

Choosing to trade online means knowing how to choose where to invest and with which asset. “Where to invest on the stock exchange?” is in fact a very frequent question especially among beginner traders who intend to operate with the various platforms. Today with online trading we can, for example, choose to invest in one of the following assets:

  2. Forex currencies;
  3. Indices;
  4. Commodities;
    1. Oil;
    2. Gold;
    3. etc..
  5. Cryptoccurrencies;
  6. ETF;
  7. Bonds;
  8. Futures.

Learning to trade online with the demo account

As you will have understood, online trading brings many advantages; to practice and experience trading we recommend the use of a demo account.

The brokers usually make their own demo accounts available to traders or rely on external companies, such as the Metatrader 4 platform, useful for understanding how to trade online. The demo account, which has nothing to do with a deposit account, is recommended for all traders, experts and amateurs alike, to try both technical analysis and also trading strategies.

To open a demo account you need to take 3 simple steps:

  1. Registration with a broker and installation of a platform (estimated time max. 1 minute);
  2. Enter your correct email and password;
  3. Choose whether to start investing with the demo account or with the real account.

eToro is one of the best brokers out there that offers both real trading and CFD trading. The functionality of its platform has convinced more than 10 million people to open an account with this broker. Don’t miss the opportunity to open a $ 100,000 demo account on eToro and test both a high-performance platform and risk-free financial markets with virtual money!

Discover eToro with a demo account!

Why investing today in Forex trading?

Investire soldi
Investing money in Forex?

Forex trading instead represents the market through which it is possible to trade currencies, and is characterized by:

  • low operating costs;
  • earnings proportionate to the time spent;
  • precise technical rules;
  • high volatility and liquidity (depends on the currency pair used)

Is it worth to invest in cryptoccurencies today?

Trading on cryptocurrencies is a new form of online trading that has been gaining ground in recent years. The reason is simple: cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and not limited to insiders.

Although their value has dropped enormously in 2018, and even in this case we cannot speak of safe investments, trading on cryptocurrencies can be an alternative if you like this market. In fact, it is possible to invest in both the rises and falls of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

So you could potentially earn even when the value of cryptocurrencies drops.

Come investire oggi
How to invest today: cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies were born as alternatives to national currencies, with the aim of decentralizing the monetary system.

In fact, cryptocurrencies are not issued by a central body (such as a national bank for example, or the ECB in the case of the euro), but their issuing is decentralized. The cryptocurrencies, and their transactions, travel on a real network made up of servers and computers located all over the world.

Anyone can join the network: you need the right hardware and software of the desired cryptocurrency. But if there is no central body that issues cryptocurrencies, how are they produced? The system is complex, but it can be summarized in this way: they are the same cryptocurrency users who can “mine” the cryptocurrency and produce it by solving “blocks”, which are nothing more than the transactions that take place in the cryptocurrency network.

Those who do “cryptocurrency mining” are called miners. It is thanks to them that the whole network of a cryptocurrency is up and that transactions take place between the various users. The cryptocurrency software was designed to “deliver”, as if it were a reward, a certain number of cryptocurrencies to users who play the role of miner every time a block is resolved.

But the more you go on, the more difficult mining becomes and requires more resources (therefore more costs to bear). Many then throw themselves on the purchase of cryptocurrencies, to keep them in the so-called “virtual wallets”, and wait for them to increase in value.

Investing today on IQ Option

For this reason, a third method is making its way, much appreciated by traders. We are talking about cryptocurrency trading. As a rule, trading on cryptocurrencies takes place via CFD trading. Just as happens in the case of the regulated broker IQ Option, which in addition to Forex, also offers trading on cryptocurrencies with its “Kripto CFD”.

Thanks to CFD trading on cryptocurrencies, you will never expose yourself, since with CFD trading you never own the assets you buy and sell (since you only speculate on changes in value). Furthermore, thanks to the leverage, it is possible to trade CFD even with small sums: think that with a 1:2 leverage and investing € 1,000, you can actually move € 2,000 for your investment!

Start trading on cryptocurrencies with IQ Option!

If you have never traded CFDs before and you are curious about investment opportunities with cryptocurrencies, we recommend that you try it out thanks to a free demo account, such as the one made available by IQ Option. The broker will provide you with an account with a virtual balance with which you can:

  • Try the trading platform.
  • See with your own eyes how CFD trading works.
  • Practice limitlessly.

Take a trading course to understand where to invest today

One way to learn where to invest today would be to take an online trading course. Many brokers have a state-of-the-art training center, where you can take courses, webinars, read information and more generally find out about the advantages and risks of online trading.

Most of the brokers reviewed by us offer free trading courses that can help you, such as eToro and IQ Option. Below we will show you an exhaustive table of the best online brokers reviewed by us on Meteofinanza.com.

Investing today in eToro’s Social Trading

Social Trading is one of the investments you could make. eToro broker has become famous thanks to this function, which allows users to exchange opinions, analyzes, charts and strategies on any asset you want.

In this way you can improve your trading experience thanks to the advice of expert traders, but how can all this become economically convenient?

The broker allows expert traders to become Popular Investors, that is to make their transactions transparent and allow other eToro users to literally copy them. Each Popular Investor will receive compensation for each “follower”, that is, the traders who decide to copy their positions.

On the contrary, if you are a novice trader, you can simply copy the operations of others by choosing who performs best or who is worthy of your trust.

Open a demo account with eToro and meet Social Trading!

Investing money today on Plus500


Plus500 is a CFD broker that allows you to invest your money on financial markets.

Plus500 is a broker regulated by CySEC, authorization that is valid throughout the territory of the European Union. It is therefore an absolutely legal broker.

You can invest on Plus500 on many markets with CFDs both upwards and downwards. The method is the same that you use with all the other assets available on the Plus500 platform, the maximum leverage allowed for retail traders is 30: 1, as required by ESMA.

Do you want to try Plus500? You can start with a demo account right now! Click below and open one today!

Open today your account with Plus500!

Investing in commodities today

Investing in commodities today can be very beneficial if you know this market well. Each commodity is different from each other and therefore it is not possible to apply the same strategies, except in some cases, such as gold and silver which often have similar price movements.

Oil has two prices: WTI (West Texas Intermediate) and Brent. The former is listed in New York stock exchange and is the American crude, the latter is instead listed in London exchange and is the oil extracted in the Northern Sea.

Come investire oggi

The price of oil depends in part on the performance of the dollar, the currency in which all raw materials are traded. Secondly, the development of its value derives largely from market demand and supply. The main actor of this market is OPEC, a global organization that unites the largest oil producers.

Gold and silver are highly dependent on the performance of the US dollar. Often, every time the dollar depreciates, gold and silver appreciate. It is very rare to see contemporary ups and downs.

Being safe-haven assets, savers will tend to invest their money on these assets in the event of an economic or geopolitical crisis. So in these particular situations the price of gold and silver will tend to move upwards.

Is it possible to invest in real estate?

Investing in the real estate market is a very varied topic, above all because we are talking about assets that have a very high social utility.

If you have good economic resources, investing in real estate today is not a bad idea at all, since you can find houses at a lower price.

This market is dominated today by Booking and Airbnb, which are excellent intermediaries to be able to rent your property and thus have an income.

Many students, especially in large cities, need accommodation and demand is unlikely to diminish. In this case, buying houses with multiple rooms can be convenient as students tend to live with other people to save as much as possible. It will therefore not be a problem to rent a four-rooms apartment or more.

Finally, thanks to energy saving, those who want to renovate their property could do it at affordable prices, such as to make the renovation an excellent and good-profit tool if you then wanted to sell or rent the place.

Where to invest in the stock markets? How to invest in stocks?

Where to invest in the stock market? Investing in stocks today is a very complex and risky sector if you are looking for the long term. Buying stocks today with the long-term perspective is too risky. For this reason, we better recommend online trading on stocks, buying and selling according to current trends. At the moment there are many brokers offering excellent solutions. This can also be done with different financial instruments, such as CFDs.

Just to give you an example, let’s say you invest with IQ Option and invest today on APPLE shares; by buying the APPLE shares directly, you get a profit only if the shares increase in value. On the contrary, if you invest with IQ Option you can potentially earn in both cases, whether the value of the APPLE shares increases or decreases.

Invest in the stock market with IQ Option!

Where should you invest your savings today? Final thoughts

In this article we wanted to give you a review on where to invest your savings today, also defending them against inflation.

We do not have the presumption to tell you what the best investment is, but we hope that our article has been very valuable and that it has given you an idea about the possibilities you have today to invest your savings.

What is the best way to invest money today?

The main assets in which many are investing concern bonds, government bonds, stock exchange, Forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

How to earn with online trading?

Stock trading is not a risk-free activity and some losses are inevitable. However, through careful research and by investing in the right companies, stock trading can potentially be very profitable.