As we all know, binary options are a financial instrument with the best return rate, which allows you to earn mind-boggling amounts. This is because binary options allow you to earn up to 90% of the amount invested for each winning operation.


The question that many of you make and that we will try to answer is the following:

  • What are the binary options with the best return rate? 

First of all, to answer this question, you must keep in mind that the return of a binary option is not the same over time, but it is linked to various factors, which are:

  1. broker chosen;
  2. kind of asset chosen;
  3. kind of binary options chosen.

These are the 3 main and determining factors of the return rate of binary options. Let’s try to explain ourselves better, then going to analyze what are the options that offer us a better payout.

Return rate: what is it?


Many of you will still wonder: what is the return rate?

By return rate, we intend to indicate the amount of money that the trader collects from the various digital transactions, if the forecast associated with the option occurs correctly.

Obviously we indicate with return only the transactions that we manage to close in the money, since in case the transaction closes out of money, the user is not entitled to any return.

The return is calculated as a percentage of the capital invested, not as an absolute value. So the more you invest the more you earn. Very simple and practical to understand!

This is the basic reason why many brokers invite you to trade with a high capital, also using their respective bonuses.

No need to say, the highest return is always the one that pays the most! In this case, you must always check that the broker who pays for it is reliable and safe.

We also want to tell you that all those operations that produce returns between 70% and 95% require a very high commitment, with a degree of difficulty identical to those operations that offer the possibility of estimated earnings of over 200%.

The substantial difference is linked to the fact that the latter transactions, therefore those with potential return varying between 200% and 400%, are offered at different conditions, much more difficult, by the broker, therefore advisable to an already expert public.

Let’s now see which binary options offer us the best return rate. Before doing this, however, we must also take a moment to evaluate which are the best binary options brokers that offer us a better guarantee of success, both in terms of probability and economically.

Let’s suppose we want to invest in the 60 seconds binary options; in this case, we should choose a broker that, from our point of view, pays less in case of positive operation, but in the event of a negative outcome, it recognizes us a refund or otherwise offers us other services.

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Binary options with the best return rate

For convenience we chose only these 3 categories of binary options:

  • 60 seconds binary options;
  • 120 seconds binary options;
  • 300 seconds binary options.

We specifically took these as an example, because at the moment they are the best known and used by traders.

As you may have noticed, the performance of a binary operation depends on several factors.

In fact, in the paragraph above we have already said that it depends on 3 factors, but here we will deal exclusively with the factor regarding the type of binary options.

So, the first thing we look at, is what kind of binary option we’re going to use.

For example, if we are going to use top down operations, we can see that these have lower returns than touch or even interval operations, since with the first type of options it will be much easier to close in the money.

Although it may seem obvious to repeat it, but for some traders it is not at all, the return of a binary option increases according to the degree of difficulty of the forecast.

So it seems quite obvious to us that those who intend to earn a greater percentage will choose the exotic options, that is, those transactions that pay up even to 1010% of the investment.

Those who want to be more relaxed, therefore love to earn a lower percentage and consequently take less risks, can then invest in top downs, which “only” pay 85% in a 60 second time frame, but are much safer.

Obviously, in this case too, be very careful when using binary options, as the choice of the type of option determines your success or failure. If, on the one hand, it is true that if you invest you do it exclusively for an economic return, on the other hand it is true that you should not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Our advice, therefore, is to dedicate yourself to the options with a lower return rate if you are a beginner and then move on to exotic binary options, that have a better return rate, but that require an even greater degree of experience.

Practical example of binary option with a high return rate

Let’s a see a concrete case to verify what we have said until this point.

Let’s suppose we are going to buy a one touch binary option of type UP, with a return of 610% and which has a maturity of 7 days.

If we look for a moment at the above screenshot, we will notice that:

  • the option can be bought within the next 3 minutes and 18 seconds (end of the sale);
  • the expiration of the option is at 8:45 pm;
  • the value of the asset EUR/USD is 1.37072;
  • the investment is 55 €

In order to close the operation in the money and therefore earn 310% of the investment, the currency pair must reach 1.37108 within the expiration date.

Binary options and return rate

Below we will analyze the different types of binary options and the relative interest rates they offer.

  • High/Low Binary Option

This type of binary options is one of the most common and used; it has an average return of between 65% and 85%.

  • High/Low Binary Option with low term expiration

These are all those options with an expiration timeframe of:

  1. 30 seconds, payouts between 60% and 65%;
  2. 60 seconds, the payouts don’t exceed 70%;
  3. 90 seconds, also for these the payouts don’t exceed 70%;
  4. 120 seconds, returns up to 75%;
  5. 180 seconds, same as the previous one; 
  6. 300 seconds, al for these the return is 75 %

Keep in mind that given the very short time, consequently the payouts decrease.

  • Touch/No Touch options

These binary options are not very common and should not be confused with the one touch options, where the performance is very high. This type of option offers an average return of 70%.

  • One touch options

These options, instead, are those that have a high return rate; in fact, you just need to predict the right direction and you can even earn 250%. Be careful, however, because the degree of difficulty is established by the broker, therefore you can even earn 600%.

  • Interval options

This type of binary options are only granted by some brokers and therefore they are not as well known as the other types of options. In this type, the returns are average and range between 65% and 70%.

  • Pair options

These options are in turn divided into:

  1. fixed options;
  2. floating options.

The fixed ones have a return between 82% and 85%, while the floating ones do not have fixed return rates, since the payouts fluctuate based on the performance of the two securities that we have compared.

  • Long term binary options

This category includes all those High/Low options with long expirations.

Here too, the estimated returns vary from 75% to a maximum of 85%.

  • Ladder options

Finally, this type of options includes all those options with different targets. The more difficult the target to reach, the higher the return. So we can also have a maximum return of 1500%!

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