Trading with binary options today represents one of the most valid and concrete opportunities to earn through the internet. In fact, more and more network users are building an annuity thanks to binary options, the modern and innovative financial instrument that has become an almost rigorous choice for anyone who wants to operate on the financial markets.

To trade online with binary options, you need to choose an online trading platform suitable for this market; these platforms are also known as binary options brokers. We can define brokers as intermediaries for financial markets. Basically, they are the ones who will open you the doors to this world of tempting possibilities which is binary trading. So it is very important to know how to choose the right trading platform, based also on the characteristics, in order to have the opportunity to operate at your best and get the profits you are entitled to in complete safety.

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Your goal as a trader is profit! This seems obvious, but if trying to achieve this objective can be seen as a journey to a goal (the profit), you can see your binary options broker as a compass, as the polar star that will guide you safely to your goal and your success. For this reason, it is very important to choose well, being aware of fraudulent brokers and poorly understandable platforms, as you risk to complicate your life and make earning become a distant mirage, resulting from the illusions created by the fraudulent promises of those who just want to get your money.

If, on the other hand, you only choose regulated brokers, it will be possible to participate in the enormous wealth that today circulates on the stock exchange and on the exchange markets all over the world; just one precaution: operate with criteria.

Once you understand why it is important to choose well, you will be asking yourself: but how can I understand if a broker can make me earn or not? How can I make the right choice so I can avoit to be disappointed, risking losing these fascinating profit opportunities?

If you continue reading this article, you will be able to find out immediately the criteria to make your choice and, therefore, also to discover at the same time the indispensable features that your platform must have, in order to allow you to invest and earn in complete safety and transparency.

Regulated binary options broker: how to choose it?


For some time now, the authorities have been in control of the behavior of binary options brokers, like any other financial instrument. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the binary options traders are exempt from the possibility of running into a scam, but this happens simply because, as for any place where there is a lot of money, also in the field of binary options there is always someone ready to take advantage of unwary subjects, that let themselves be easily scammed and become the victims of various kinds of thieves.

Fortunately, these cases are increasingly rare and strongly stemmed, since binary options have been officially recognized as a serious and professional financial instrument; but be careful, we still want to warn you, because the risk of getting scammed is always around the corner, when you don’t expect it, therefore always try to pay close attention before putting your money in someone’s hand, even if he seems the most reliable person in the world.

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How to verify if a broker is really regulated or not?

This kind of information is mandatory and must be verifiable for all official and safe brokers. You can generally find them at the bottom of the broker’s website home page.

However, when looking for the name of the company that manages the broker, you must be careful, because the name of the brokerage platform is not always the same as that of the company that manages it and has successfully applied for the CySEC license.

CySEC is precisely the Cypriot control authority, to which the European Union has entrusted the task of supervising the safety and quality of the services offered by binary options brokers. On the CySEC website you can check whether the broker has the license, when it obtained it and its number; once you get this information you can make a safe deposit, because you know you are securely protected by the law. In fact, brokers are required to respond criminally for any disservice or for problems that they may cause to the user.

Binary options brokers: minimum deposit and minimum trade

We have just analyzed the main condition in choosing the broker, which is the presence of a license, but another very important component for choosing your platform will be the verification of the minimum deposit and the minimum trade that you can make. But why is it so important?

The answer is very simple, because you can organize your personal trading plan only based on these factors. The organization and management of the initial capital that you intend to invest will be the fundamental factor of your success, if you do not want the money to disappear from your account in a short time.

On the contrary, we are sure that you want, even starting from a small amount, to multiply your initial investment. With binary options this is definitely possible, if you think for a moment that you can earn from 75% to 500% of what you put into a single investment (which is really amazing), but you will only be able to do it by managing the money you have at your disposal.

This means that if, for example, you invest € 100 in a binary option, you can also earn € 500, but if you lose, your risk is limited to the initial capital, you can therefore lose only € 100, without commission costs, spread or whatever.

How to choose the right binary options broker

How to choose your binary options broker? We always make a very simple and intuitive example. If you want to start by investing € 100, then you will have to choose a broker that allows you to make a minimum deposit no greater than this amount.

In order to invest in the right way and make sure you always absorb the losses that any trader, from the most experienced to a beginner, will inevitably suffer, you will have to choose a broker that allows you to make minimum trades starting from no more than 5% of your initial capital.

So if you want to deposit € 100, it will be good to check that the platform allows you to make transactions starting from € 5 per trade. In this way you will always have full control of the situation and you can easily get back on track even in the case of a series of particularly unfortunate trades.

It is not easy to find brokers that have characteristics such as those listed in the example shown above, but don’t worry, because there are platforms that, in exchange for slightly larger deposits, still offer traders the opportunity to make minimum trades starting from low amounts.

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A feature that many traders highly appreciate is represented by the IQ Option tournaments, which are held on a monthly basis and which, together with the bonuses of € 2,500, also make IQ Option the most loved broker by traders. Choose today the IQ Option platform that best suits your needs, trade safely thanks to CySEC regulation and get up to 90% of the capital invested.

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The parameters indicated in this article are really fundamental and important for the choice of your broker; remember that it represents the means that can actually lead you to the so desired success and earnings with binary options.

Once you have well understood these technical notions, you just need to learn how to manage the emotional factor of trading and then you can truly define yourself as a professional trader!