IQ Option reviews and opinions, how does it work?

IQ Option started its activity as a binary options broker, which are no longer usable for retail traders due to the stop of ESMA (European Authority for Financial Instruments and Markets ), but has also expanded its operations to include CFDs on Forex, equities, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

Notice: ESMA has significantly reduced the leverage for retail traders. From August 1, 2018 the maximum leverage values will be the following:

  • 30:1 for main currency pairs, that is the ones which include the American dollar, such as EUR/USD or GBP/USD.
  • 20:1 for secondary currency pairs, that is the ones that do not include the American dollar, such as EUR/CHF; for gold and the most important stock indices in the world.
  • 10:1 for all other commodities and secondary stock indices.
  • 5:1 for stocks.
  • 2:1 for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

Professional traders will instead continue to use any level of leverage offered by the chosen broker.

Many users who wish to make money from online trading search the “IQ Option forum” to find information and details on the characteristics of this broker, but you will find much more below!

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Our review was written by experts in the field of online trading and the IQ Option broker.

Iq Option – Official logo

Here is our review of IQ Option, where you will find answers to the following questions:

  • Is IQ Option safe or is it a scam?
  • Is there a demo version of the platform to start practicing?
  • Is it possible to do mobile trading?
  • How to open an account on IQ Option?
  • How to deposit and withdraw on IQ Option?
  • What are the IQ Option interface functionalities?
  • How to invest on IQ Option?
  • Why choosing IQ Option?

A broker that has some very interesting features, especially for those who do not have considerable capital to start trading online.

Before you get started if you’re looking for IQ Option tricks, be aware that they don’t exist!

To trade safely online, you first need to rely on an excellent broker and identify the trading strategy that is right for you.

IQ Option:  platform functionalities

Dashboard functionalities

IQ Option is the broker always ready to meet the needs of traders. Always looking for new ways to help you monitor the traffic and overall activity.

In fact, to do this it introduced a new dashboard functionality; the percentage of the broker’s profit, to show you how the profit is distributed between the broker and the affiliate in percentage terms.

Now you can also see the percentage shares of revenue you receive at the moment, and this allows you to have an idea of ​​how the percentage affects your profit.

Nuova funzionalità della dashboard
New dashboard functionalities

The amounts displayed are updated following each new transaction and can vary from 0% to 100%.

The current percentage of revenue received can go up further, 100% is the maximum value that can be displayed on your dashboard.

Also note that if this number exceeds 50%, the income will not accrue until the indicator drops below 50%.

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Recharging the position

The new feature, called position recharging, is now available for CFDs, Cryptocurrencies and Forex!

This offers you the possibility to set a stop-loss greater than 95%, investing an additional amount from your balance to keep the position open longer.

For example, if one of the open positions is not going in the direction expected by the trader, but is expected to improve later, the trader will be able to select the “Use balance to keep the open position” option, which is in the parameters for the automatic closing.

Thanks to this tool, the trader has greater control over his open positions, which represents a fundamental element in the event of negative and sudden market developments.

It is also very important because it represents a great opportunity to allow you to increase traffic, communicating to your audience the launch of the new feature and the benefits it offers.

IQ Option: scam or safe broker?

Nuova funzionalità della piattaforma - ricerca della posizione
New functionality of the platform – recharging the position

When it comes to earning opportunities, the question immediately arises: is it be a scam?

That’s why some more cautious people, before trying IQ Option, search on Google “IQ OPTION scam” or “Is IQ OPTION reliable?“.

However, you must know that IQ Option is a broker regulated by CySEC.

It is a regular and reliable activity

And what better way than to operate with a regular license granted by CySEC?

In Europe, IQ Option has also obtained a regular license by the supervisory authority to operate at European level, CySEC No. 247/14 (Cyprus office)

In addition, here are some of the most important awards obtained over the years:

  • “Fastest Growing Binary Options Brand, Europe” from Global Brands Magazine;
  • “Best Binary Options Broker Europe 2015” from Global Banking & Finance Review;
  • “Most Innovative Binary Options Platform, Global 2015” from International Finance Magazine;
  • “Best Mobile Trading Platform (Binary Options), Europe 2015” from International Finance Magazine.
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IQ Option training – Learn how to do Trading

In the reserved area of ​​Iq Option, you can find a very useful section on training. It is indeed very complete!

IQ Option shares with its users one of the most complete and detailed training provided by brokers that offer online trading on Forex and CFDs.

This is not video courses or ebooks, but a real integrated blog, full of information regarding:

  • trading strategies
  • technical analysis;
  • candlestick;

The guides are really well made and easy to read.

Find the right tools for your financial goal on IQ OPTION

74 Forex Pairs

Trade on the currency market, the largest and most liquid in the world. In addition to the major currency pairs of Forex, IQ Option has introduced new secondary or exotic pairs, which you can see in the image below.

Return: High

Risk: High

New currency pairs on IQ Option

25 ETF

Diversify your financial portfolio by choosing stocks that track indices, commodities and consumer baskets.

Return: Low

Risk: Low

ETF IQ Option

Trading on Stocks

Invest in the stocks of the best companies listed on NYSE and NASDAQ.

Return: Medium

Risk: Medium

Since the end of October 2018, a higher leverage has been available for traders of unregulated stocks, equal to x20.

In this way, by investing € 500, you are actually operating with € 10,000! Recall that there is the protection of the negative balance, this means that in this case the trader will not be able to lose more than € 500, but he will certainly be able to earn far more than this figure.

Trading on Cryptocurrencies

Invest in 10 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Be careful with the strong volatility of this financial asset. For users from non-regulated countries it is possible to trade on Bitcoin with a leverage of 100: 1. In this way you will have the opportunity to obtain greater profits (or losses!) in case of small market movements of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world.

The position with the x100 lever can be kept open only 24 hours, so there will be no overnight funding. Decide well when to enter the market and when to leave it!

European retail traders can instead trade on a leverage of up to 1:2

Return: High

Risk: High

CFD on Stocks


IQ Option offers the possibility to do CFD trading on stocks.

Trading CFDs on securities, has several advantages such as:

  • Reduced fees which allows an accessible trading experience
  • Possibility to close the operations at any moment
  • Wide range of stocks from the most famous brands in the world:
    • Amazon
    • Apple
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Nike
    • Starbucks
    • Tesla, ecc.


Finally, we remind you that by opening a trading account (also a demo account) with IQ Option, you can take advantage of one of the best platforms on the market.

In this case you could make the most of the type of chart by deciding whether to continue following a candlestick chart, or if you prefer a line chart or even just the color, without changing them from time to time.

In fact, these are saved to facilitate the trading task. All the indicators and lines that you will see drawn will be saved for each operation, that is, for each asset traded.

Try CFD trading with the reliable IQ Option broker

Trading CFDs on football teams

On the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, IQ Option announced that it had implemented the possibility of trading CFDs on 6 listed football clubs on its platform.

Of the 6 teams, three are Italian, one French, one English and one German. We are talking about Juventus F.C., S.S. Lazio, A.S. Rome, Olympique Lyon, Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund.

What are you waiting for? Register on IQ Option and invest in the upwards or downwards of the shares of these teams! If you are passionate about football, you will know better than others how to predict market movements. In fact, the trend in the value of the shares often depends on the performance of the team on the field, as well as on the company’s economic status.

Don’t miss the opportunity to combine the passion for trading with that for football. Get a real profit from the stock market trend of listed football teams thanks to IQ Option!

I want to try a Demo Trading account

CFD Trading on commodities

Oil station

IQ Option offers its users CFD trading on some commodities. For professional traders the leverage will have a maximum of 150, while for retail traders it will have the limits imposed by ESMA.

Below we will show you the list of raw materials you can trade once you open an account on IQ Option.

  • Gold
  • WTI Oil
  • Brent
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Gasoline
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Copper

Among the raw materials you can recognize metals (gold, silver, platinum and copper), energy commodities (WTI oil, Brent and gasoline) and food (wheat and corn).

Discover trading on commodities with IQ Option

IQ Option – demo account and real account

There are 3 types of account that you can open on IQ Option, to be able to log in just start with a demo account:

Open a demo account on IQ Option

The IQ OPTION demo account is not only free, but also unlimited!

This type of account is now available to everyone.

Now you can improve your trading, but above all test your strategies. The free demo account provided by IQ Option offers:

  • more than 500 Assets (like the real account);
  • trading opportunities without real money, totally free.

IQ OPTION Real Account

The real account includes:

  • minimum deposit of just € 10
  • minimum investment of $ 20

IQ OPTION Vip Account

Finally, the VIP account offers:

  • minimum deposit of € 10;
  • you can have the VIP account only after a total deposit of € 3000;
  • Personal manager available for each question

On the official website you can choose the right account for you

Trade from your phone with IQ Option!

Investing today is even smarter, log in to IQ Option and start trading online! The opportunity to invest with smartphones and tablets could certainly not be missing.

In fact, there are two types of apps available, one for iOS devices and another for Android devices.

Download the one you need and take advantage of the ease of use of the platform and, why not, also the possibility of opening a free demo account, useful for acquiring the right familiarity with the platform and with online trading.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

On the mobile app it is possible to operate on any asset available on the web platform, namely Forex, stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Crypto (cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum …).

Discover mobile trading with iOS and Android on IQ Option!

How to open an account on IQ OPTION

It’s really simple to register and sign up on the IQ Option trading platform.

In fact, you just need to provide your personal data accurately.

In this case it is very important that you do not make mistakes by entering false data, if you want the registration to the broker to be successful.

These data are collected by the broker because the it is required by the law. The respect for your privacy will obviously be granted.

Once you have entered your data, you can make a small payment of only € 10 to start trading.

Here are some insights, but you already have all the elements necessary to evaluate the reliability of Iq Option.

How does IQ Option work?

Over 16 million traders have chosen IQ Option, given that it offers a series of assets including stock indices, as well as a multi-award winning platform with international recognition.

In addition, it has earned the title of first diffusion trading application, in 28 different countries including Italy, Germany and Great Britain (According to the App Store ranking – February 2016).

If you look at its platform, you can see how it has a perfectly functioning graphical interface and a very efficient assistance service, in addition to the reliability of payments and the transparency of dynamics.

Just to give you an example, IQ Option is an official partner of Aston Martin Racing.

iq option partner Aston Martin

IQ Option: opinions and advantages

Among the many advantages that you can find in the broker, here are the most important:

  • Free and unlimited Demo Account;
  • Minimum deposit: € 10 (the lowest of the sector);
  • Proprietary trading platform;
  • Wide range of information material: numerous strategies explained in detail;
  • Regulated by CySEC;
  • Professional trading platform which allows to perform technical analysis;
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals;
  • iOS and Android mobile platform;

How to deposit and withdraw on IQ Option?

How to deposit – Deposit methods

It will be possible to withdraw and make the first deposit using one of the following services:

  • Webmoney;
  • Skrill;
  • Visa cards;
  • Mastercard cards;
  • Neteller;

IQ Option withdrawal: How to withdraw

Does Iq Option pay correctly?

Of course!

But how to withdraw on IQ OPTION?

Let’s find out together in this paragraph the various available withdrawal methods.

Through the personal page you will have all the information related to your account available, in order to withdraw with IQ Option some guarantees are required.

In fact, in order to withdraw funds, the technical times must be respected, usually 1 working day.

Discover trading on cryptocurrencies with IQ Option!

The time for crediting funds is also different and depends on the chosen payment method.

IQ Option pays the sums that traders have earned when they request the withdrawal.

According to the method chosen by the trader, the broker takes 1 working day from the moment of processing the request.

To withdraw and deposit funds, it is necessary to send some documents to comply with the anti-money laundering law at European level.

Therefore withdrawals and payments by third parties cannot be accepted, but only by the account holder, verified by sending the documents via e-mail.

For further clarifications, you can consult the customer support section, which will then send clarifications on the information requested through your personal e-mail address.

New platform for online trading

In addition to the web-based version, IQ Option offers the opportunity to download an online trading platform for free for all users.

On the platform you can continue to operate on all the other available assets, such as Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, ETFs and commodities.

The execution of orders remains the same compared to the platform on the web. On the 4.0 platform the trader will be able to study the charts by selecting the desired timeframe.

On the right of the screen there will be some settings:

  • buttons to buy and sell: here you can decide whether to position yourself long or short (before clicking on one of these buttons, you will have to decide the other settings);
  • Amount Section: here you will select the amount to invest to open your forex trading position;
  • Multiplier: here you will choose the leverage to use;
  • Auto closing of the position: here you will select the Stop Loss an Take Profit
Discover trading on Forex currencies with IQ Option!

How to choose the assets in which to invest with IQ Option?

There are many assets that you can use to speculate in various financial markets such as:

  • stocks: you can invest on many and very varied companies, you have the opportunity to invest in the most famous ones, such as Facebook or Google, but also Vodafone or Sony.
  • Forex: concerning economic exchanges relating to the currencies of each country. The most popular currency pair is undoubtedly EUR / USD, which compares the value of the Euro with that of the United States Dollar.
  • commodities: IQ Option members can trade on a wide range of commodoties. The offer includes trading on gold, WTI oil, Brent oil, wheat, corn, gasoline, silver, platinum and copper. For professional traders the leverage can go up to x150.
  • indices: they concern more closely the stock exchanges, and contain the overall value of the most important companies taken into consideration by a specific political group.
  • Equities: related to individual listed companies, such as Microsoft, McDonalds, Apple, Coca Cola and Amazon, ecc.
  • Cryptocurrencies: open long or short positions on 13 cryptocurrencies thanks to CFDs. Or buy virtual coins directly with the new IQ Option Hodly app.
  • Binary options only for professional traders: only professional traders and not retail clients will be able to trade on this financial instrument. It allows the professional traders to bet on the rise or fall of an asset regardless of the entity, within a predefined time period. The minimum investment for binary options is $ 1.
  • FX options: currently available only for non-EU traders. With this type of options, the trader will have the right to buy a batch at a specific date, at a specific exchange rate, for a specific quantity. Obviously the investment is bidirectional, so you can buy the batch (call), but also sell it (put).
azioni iqoption

Binary options only for professional traders

As we have already mentioned, ESMA has prohibited binary options for retail traders, so if you are not a professional trader we invite you not to read this paragraph and go further. If you are a professional client, you can still trade on this financial instrument.

Binary options are a derivative instrument, that is, you do not really own the asset you have invested in, which can be the currencies of the Forex, commodities, shares and so on, as it happens with CFDs.

The difference with the latter lies in the fact that it is not as important as the price of an asset varies, but only the direction. Furthermore, binary options have a time limit.

What are binary options

It is therefore a matter of predicting the future direction, as shown in the picture. In case of correct prediction the trader will receive a profit, otherwise a loss.

The upward bet in the options, whatever they are, is called CALL, while the downward bet is called PUT. As with CFDs, the professional traders will be able to sustain both a rise and a fall in the asset.

The return, also called payout, depends on the duration of the binary option and the chosen asset. IQ Option offers a 90% return for 60 seconds binary options.

Binary trading on IQ Option is very simple, in the drop-down menu just select “options” and then choose the asset you want. Thanks to the chart of the new innovative platform of the broker you will be able to get a better picture of the situation.

Finally, just select the amount, the duration and decide whether to invest upward (CALL) or downward (PUT). At that point you just have to wait!

The minimum investment for binary options is $ 1.

FX options: the options on Forex

Those who operate in online trading, but above all are registered on IQ Option, can trade FX options. They are nothing more than options on Forex exchange rates. Therefore a trader can have the right to buy / sell a specific batch at a specific time and at a predetermined exchange rate.

FX options are basically the options applied to Forex and not just stocks. They have finally reached ESMA approval and are now available for European customers.

What are the advantages of operating with FX options on IQ option?

  • Unlike binary options, the return can be unlimited, just like CFDs they will depend on the price difference.
  • A wrong prediction does not automatically mean that you have lost your entire invested capital. There is protection against the negative balance, therefore you will not be able to lose more than you have invested.
  • If you want to close the FX option before, you can do it manually, without waiting for the deadline.
  • You can do trading with FX options on 14 different currency pairs.

The minimum investment for FX options is € 25 or $ 30.

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How to make an investment on IQ OPTION

Immediacy and simplicity were certainly one of the pillars on which the IQ Option broker relied to design its trading platform.

Making an investment requires a few steps, after choosing the asset you will have to:

  • 1) Choose the amount

You start from € 1and you can go up to a maximum of € 5000.

  • 2) Select the stop loss and take profit

It is indeed essential to fix the end of losses and the taking of profit. You need to trade consciously and have a well-defined strategy.

In the next paragraph we will talk about trading patterns, but we would like to specify that the material provided does not represent investment strategies or advice in any way.

Trading Patterns: trend lines

The lines represent price movements and also show the price range within which the fluctuation is likely to occur.

The support lines on the bottom of the chart represent the level from which prices tend to bounce upward.

The resistance level refers to the trend line on the upper side of the chart and represents the level from which prices tend to bounce downward.

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Rebound line pattern

The main objective of this pattern is to capture the movement of an asset at the exact moment when the price cannot break through the resistance level.

Using this trading strategy, we can see how the asset price would reach the resistance level and the candle would close before this level, with the possibility of a rebound and a subsequent growth, therefore we will act by opening a Short position.

Otherwise we can also enter the market when the price reaches the support line and the candle closes just above this level, in this case we will open a long position.

Three Black Crows trading pattern

This strategy identifies the downward reversal of an upward trend.

In this case, just wait for the reversal of 3 descending candles in a row and, at the end of the third candle, we will have an upward trend signal that turns into a downward trend.

As a result, we will have 3 descending candles in a row and then the price closes at the end of the third downside, transforming a downward signal into an upward signal.

Piercing Line Candlestick pattern

By using this strategy, it is possible to study candlesticks carefully for a trend in price movements. In this case, the trader must be careful to identify the price trend reversal.

So you have to identify 2 candles on the chart where the price closes and wait until a third ascending candle appears.

This will be the signal for the trend reversal.

Therefore, you must be able to trade according the signal.

Only in this way will it be possible to operate with a positive outcome.

The Rainbow Strategy

This particular strategy is not recommended for beginners.

By using this particular strategy, the trader will be able to earn a greater percentage thanks to the multitude of signals sent.

With this strategy, the 3 exponential averages with different periods are used simultaneously.

The first line will be marked with 6 periods of blue color, while the second line will have a period of 14 lines and will be marked in yellow.

Finally the third line will have a period of 26 lines and will be marked with the red color.

It is possible to opt for a short strategy, when:

  • the blue line is above the others;
  • the yellow line is below the blue line;
  • both lines are above the red line;
  • the intersection of the blue line with the yellow line represents the moment to enter the market and open a short position.

Otherwise, to open a long position you need to wait until:

  • the red line is above the others;
  • the yellow line is below the red line and above the blue line;
  • the blue line is at the bottom.

PIN BAR Pattern

Also this particular strategy is recommended for experienced traders.

It will be possible to study the pin bar candles with a tail or spots. In this case, if one of these candles has a small body and a long tail, directed upwards or downwards, then it indicates a sudden change in the price of the asset based on market conditions.

If the tail of the bar points upwards, the price of the asset will project downwards, on the other hand, it tends to rise. Whatever the type of signal, this indicates that we should enter the market following the indications of the prevailing market. So we will have that:

  • the opening and closing levels are located near one of the ends of the previous bar;
  • it must be placed near the top or near the bottom;
  • the uncovered pin bars and neighboring levels are located inside the bars on the left;
  • in case all the parameters are on the right, it means that the signal is strong enough to enter the market.

Breaking Line pattern

This strategy aims to capture the exact moment when a candlestick violates either the support line or the resistance line. When the candle closes above the resistance line, it is best to open a long position. This is because the chances of the asset price rising is higher. In the event that the candle closes below the support line, the chances of the price dropping too fast is high.

Alligator trading strategy

This strategy is very simple to implement, as the 3 smooth moving averages are monitored as they move along the chart, with different moves and respective periods of time.

It is very important to note in this case that, by using this trading strategy, the moving averages must be only smooth. Be careful therefore, because simple exponential moving averages do not work with this strategy, as smooth moving averages have a low impact on market ripples or fluctuations with very little importance.

As a result, the smooth average lines of the candlestick represent the alligator teeth. So, when the candles open upwards, it is advisable to invest with a long position. On the contrary, when the candlesticks open downwards, it is a clear indicator to open a short position.

If, on the other hand, the indicators are intertwined forming a helix or intertwining in any way, it means that the alligator is asleep and, in this case, it is not advisable to trade, as it is not clear in which direction the market will move.

Bollinger Bands strategy

This particular trading strategy must be applied on a 3-line chart of different thickness, which will change width based on market movements. To understand a static market period, just check if the bands are half-closed or not. By the time the activity resumes, the bands should widen and their speed will depend on the intensity of the negotiation.

So in the event that there is a rapid expansion of the bands, there is a sudden increase in the intensity of trading for that particular activity.

Finally, we remind you that by opening a trading account (also a demo account) with IQ Option, you can take advantage of one of the best platforms on the market. In this case you could make the most of the type of chart, by deciding whether to continue following a candlestick chart or if you prefer a line chart, or even just the color without changing them from time to time. In fact, these remain saved to facilitate the trading task. All the indicators and lines that you will see drawn will be saved for each operation.

Customer support

Finally, customer service is essential and impeccable.

The service is active from 24/7, every day at any time; in addition to the telephone line, customer support can also be reached by opening Tickets on the platform itself or online chat

Support modalities are effective and well managed. To receive assistance, just complete the form at the top right of the Contact page. Then you will receive an email containing the answer to the question asked.

If, on the other hand, direct and immediate contact is preferred, you can contact customer service by phone, using the dedicated telephone number according to your area.

Final opinions and evaluation

In addition to the free account, IQ Option also provides you with the lowest possible deposit and the possibility to trade with € 20. For any information, do not hesitate to contact the broker through the assistance service.

Finally, we want to provide, at the end of this study, with a summary screen that contains all the features of the IQ Option broker.

Opinions and Frequent Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find a series of information relating to the main questions that traders have asked and that we report to you, in order to facilitate the task and find an immediate answer.

  1. How long do I have to wait to I start trading? Following the conclusion of the registration procedure. Only then it is possible to trade not only with the demo account, but also with the real account.
  2. How much do trading operations cost? Investment operations on IQ Option have very low and flexible costs, the minimum investment for Forex and CFD is 20 dollars.
  3. Will the broker take commissions on my earnings? No, there are no commissions of any kind.
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What is the minimum deposit on IQ Option?

IQ Option allows you to deposit starting from € 10, at the moment it is the lowest value on the market, which makes IQ Option accessible to many people.

Is IQ Option a legal broker?

Yes, it is a European broker based in Cyprus, with a CySEC license, valid throughout the territory of the European Union.

Is the IQ Option platform really that technological?

Of course! With interactive charts and different trading tools your operations change drastically for the better. Try it for free today too!