Binary Options: Trading Patterns / Strategies

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If you are a retail trader you may be interested in CFD trading and start trading online with this financial instrument, thanks to the best Forex brokers.

Online trading with binary options: practical guide

Welcome! You are about to find out…

“Binary options, a type of online trading and investment”

IQ Option Binary Options

Binary options, also called binary operations or binary actions are a real financial instrument / form of investment, with which you can invest your money and know the outcome (positive or negative) in a very short time. Be careful though, because you can also lose your money, never believe those who tell you that you can only earn.

Here are some of the main features:

  • very short term (the best known and used by traders are the 60 second options)
  • earnings of up to 90% of the invested capital (for each winning investment)

…especially the ease of use of the investment platforms.

Binary trading platforms are also available online and you can trade online from home without the need to download any software on your pc.

“How to Trade Online with Binary Options?”

You must know what you do! You don’t want to waste your money, do you? Then your goal is to control your losses … … maximizing your earnings.

You are about to find out how to start making money with binary options and the 10 Best Trading Patterns.

In this guide we will share all the strategies / info that will allow you to invest in “safety”.

guida ozioni binarie

Binary Options: initial opinions

Binary options: what are they? 

Small introduction:

If you are thinking that markets, the stock exchange, investments are something intended for those who have a master’s degree in economics and finance and not for all other people … you are wrong!

Here is how binary options are born…

The idea of ​​binary options flashed to the mind of a professor from the American University of Pennsylvania who, looking at trading as it was then, understood that there was a need to streamline the investment process, make it faster and more direct, basically make it accessible to everyone

Making money with binary options, is that possible?

We (the team of tell you, you will find out in this article, we are a team of experts and we know the matter! Careful, “possible” does not mean that you can’t lose, we can’t fool our readers, you can win but also lose.

All those who search Google for “binary options forums” with the hope of finding useful information, often fall into the many poorly updated and unreliable forums. has been dealing with online trading since 2006.

We know what we say!

Binary options offer percentages of return higher than 70%

The return varies based on the type of options you are trading with. However, remember that if the return is 70% – 80% – 90%, the loss will always be 100%. It is very important to understand this point. With the same positive and negative transactions, the trader will suffer a loss in terms of money.

We remind you that these are investments which expose to risks the amount of money that you decide to invest in each operation…

In the picture below, a “Traveller Trader”, Marcello (visiting Amalfi, in Italy):

Lavorare con le Opzioni Binarie

Photo Credit:


Binary Options: how they work exactly

The opportunities offered by this financial instrument are many, but your earnings derive from doing … … not from your knowledge (or rather … both)!

Binary trading basically means making a forecast on the performance of an asset in the markets.

There are various types of assets:

  • currency pairs
  • stock market
  • commodities (like oil, gold, silver, etc…)

The option is called “binary” because there are exactly two possibilities: that is, you can invest speculating on whether the asset value increases or decreases.

That’s all! You just need to predict if the price will go up or down!

To make money you will have to predict correctly the ascent or descent of the price.

Once the forecast has been made, you will only have to wait. Times can also be equivalent to 1 minute.

Think that, with this form of investment, you will be able to know in 1 minute if the operation you have done has been successfully completed.

And you know what the best part is?

You can start with a minimum investment.

Binary Options Free Demo

How to trade online with binary options?

Trading binary options is one of those things that is easier to do than to say…

If you want to get started, you can take advantage of a free demo account.

Binary options brokers offer trading platforms that give you the opportunity to open a test account with a virtual balance that you can use to practice.

We recommend to open your account with the best broker:

Open now your account on IQ Option!

The broker has a regular CYSEC license. We too use it to do online trading.

We want to warn you about automatic robots because, in our opinion, there is no software that can correctly predict the performance of the financial markets.

If you don’t know how to do it, no problem, below we will also illustrate this to you!

How to sign up on IQ Option

The first step to register on IQ Option is to click here>>

Once you reach the IQ Option platform, all you have to do is to enter:

  1. E-mail
  2. Password
Opening an account on Iq option

These must be entered in the respective fields within the form.

At this point, all you have to do is to examine the second step and then choose whether to activate a demo account, so you can practice with virtual money, or a Real Account by depositing € 10.

Your registration was successful. You just have to start trading with your demo account or your real account.

Iq Option: choosing between demo and real account

You don’t know how to do it? No problem, below we will analyze a practical example of how to trade with the IQ Option broker

Example of binary options with the IQ Option platform

At this point, once you have opened your trading account, you have to:

Select the asset as per the image

Then you have to choose the time when the operation will be closed; for example, choose 15 minutes, but you can also choose 1 hour or 24 hours.

Then select the amount that you want to invest: from $ 1 up to $ 100;

Now, check your profit in case of correct prediction. Pay attention to the percentage of the amount to be credited to the balance in the event of a favorable forecast, which in the example 72%.

You just have to make your prediction; click on “Call” if you believe the price goes up, or “Put” if you believe that the price will go down.

At this point, focus on the current price of the chosen asset.

Note that the time is the transaction closing time: and therefore it indicates when the transaction will close.

At the end of the established time, you just have to verify the outcome of your transaction.

In the event of a successful forecast (in the money), at the the established time of the transaction the asset price was higher than the starting price, so the transaction was successful.

Trading with binary options is a system suitable for everyone, it is not necessary to be an expert trader even if it’s very risky.

We always recommend to practice first of all with a demo account.

Click here to open a free demo account with IQ Option broker!

60 seconds Binary Options: “What they are and how they work”

60 Seconds Binary Options

If you don’t know where to start, then start with the 60 Seconds Binary Options.

They are the most used.

But how do they work?

Each binary option has its own expiry: the expiry is the period of time during which the binary option remains 'open', and at the end of which it is then 'closed'.

At this point, if your prediction was correct (maybe you expected a rise and bought the binary option “Call”) you will get a profit; otherwise, if your prediction was wrong, you will get a loss.

There are different types of expirations, such as:

  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 1h
  • 34h
  • 6h
  • 24h
  • 1 week
  • 1 month

…and so on.

But the 60 seconds binary options are very particular. They fall into the category of “short” deadlines (although it would be better to say very short).

In fact, they expire in just 60 seconds!

Investing in 60 seconds binary options means being able to open and close a trade in just one minute!

By trading for 1 hour a day, you get a maximum of 60 possible operations, precisely because a 60 second binary option remains open for only 1 minute.

We are talking about a very hectic trading.

Some would say “adrenalinic”! But certainly interesting …

Remember, however, that 60 seconds binary options also have a certain level of risk: after all, in 60 seconds the market turns out to be very volatile (i.e. the price tends to move up and down often without a criterion, with changes and peaks in value).

As already said, we advise you to “train” with a free Demo accounts.

You can open one with the following Broker, which is reliable and regulated:

Open your free demo account with IQ Option!

We know that binary options are an easy-to-understand tool, even if it’s difficult to implement.

On the other hand, it seems even more difficult to predict the price of the asset to be traded in case we are talking about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that are very volatile.

If you also have a high risk profile and you want to experience the thrill of binary options with Bitcoin, then you can choose to invest with binary options, even if we still recommend being cautious and always following these tips:

  1. Don’t invest in binary options with cryptocurrencies more than you are willing to lose
  2. Learn well the strategies for binary options
  3. Rely on a certified broker to operate safely and legally.

For example, you can choose to invest and trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with the broker IQ Option, which is one of the best ever, also because we have tested it and we discovered that it allows you to earn by trading online with binary options on cryptocurrencies in complete safety.

Try binary trading on cryptocurrencies with IQ Option!

IQ Option has implemented a very interesting new tool for traders from regulated countries: we are talking about FX options. The latter are finally available for traders in the European Union, since they are not covered by the ESMA bans, which only concern binary options for retail traders.

FX options are nothing more than options applied on Forex exchange rates. For this reason they are also called Forex Options. In fact FX stands for “Forex”.

The main difference with other options that traders are interested in lies in their regulation. In fact, even European retail traders can trade with FX options!

Let’s see them together with a simple example.

In this case, we will use the IQ Option trading platform (notice – IQ Option offers binary trading – Forex and CFDs).

We anticipate that 60 seconds binary options work exactly like call / put (or high / low): the only thing that changes is the deadline, set at just 60 seconds.

  • The first step to make is to move to the section of the “short” expirations.

On the trading platform sometimes they are also short-term calls.

Then click on the relevant section to access 60 seconds binary options.

  • At this point, we have to select the short expiry we are interested in:

The IQ Option broker offers deadlines of 60 seconds, 120 seconds and 300 seconds.

In our case, we will select the 60 seconds deadline.

How to open your first trade on IQ Option
  • Now we see the list of the available assets for 60 seconds binary options.

For each asset, in addition to the name of the asset itself, the potential profit is also shown.

We must therefore choose the asset we want: in our example we choose the famous euro-dollar exchange rate.

Practical example of how to use Iq option
  • At this point we can make our forecast

The question to ask ourserlves is:

Will the value of the pair EUR/USD go up or down in the next 60 seconds?

It is obvious to say it, but you must absolutely avoid making your predictions “randomly”, or “following your intuition”.

You must always follow a trading pattern…

…especially when you do trading with 60 seconds binary options

This is because the trend of the asset varies quickly.

Once we have made our choice, between up or down, we have to wait for the expiry of our binary option.

guida opzioni binarie

In this case we just have to wait 60 seconds!

This means that after a minute…

…we will already know the outcome of our investment.

It is possible to see the trend of the value of the euro-dollar exchange rate in real time on the chart on the side, included in the trading platform.

With the 60 seconds binary options there are only two results:

  1. Our forecast was correct, so we get a profit (in just 1 minute of trading);
  2. Our forecast was wrong, so we suffer a loss (i.e. the capital invested on that binary option)

Following the example above, it means that if we invest € 100, we will obtain a gain of € 170 (net gain of € 70), because for the euro-dollar exchange rate the PayOut is fixed at 70% (the gain is obviously only in the case of a single winning trading operation).

In case of loss, however, we will lose our 100 euros invested.

All this after just 1 minute:

that’s why 60 seconds binary options are highly appreciated by traders.

You can try binary options trading using a Binary Options Demo account, such as the one offered by IQ OPTION, which gives you a virtual balance of € 1000 to try the platform.

To start trading binary options, you should get familiar with the Broker platform with which you trade online.

With Iq Option, you don’t need to make any money deposits until you understand how it works.

You can take advantage of the Virtual Balance.

The Broker provides you with a virtual balance of € 1000 with which you can practice on its trading platform.

IQ Option is the Broker we recommend because it is regulated and offers many advantages, including:

  • downloadable platform
  • mobile App (Android – iOS) !
  • free account to practice
  • video lessons
Access the Demo Account of IQ Option by clicking here!


To get the most, you need a pattern.

In this section we have collected the best trading patterns for binary options, winning systems that allow you to obtain continuous and constant earnings over time (we always talk about gain on every single winning operation).

If you want the best, it is good to know also the technical analysis, however these pattterns are easy to understand for those with little experience in the sector.

“10” Binary Option Patterns


Below the list of the best trading strategies

Moving average at 50 periods

Pattern that allows you to get profits thanks to the simple moving average, an indicator always used in online trading and adapted to trading in binary options.

Bollinger Bands + RSI

Two indicators are better than one, this is the main principle on which this simple trading pattern is based, which exploits the extreme phases of the market.

Suports and resistances

The supports and resistances form the basis of online trading.

Thanks to them we can establish levels where the price will react only in two ways.

You will only have to follow the trend that is being created to aim to make a profit.

Long candles

Japanese candles come to your aid once again, and also in this case they are an excellent signal to earn with binary options.

60 seconds binary options pattern

Great trading opportunities are hidden in the investment in 60 seconds binary options, here is the right way to take advantage of them.

One touch binary options pattern

Earning 550% in just one week is not for everyone, but you have to try and understand how to act.

Here is a simple pattern to not miss this opportunity.

Macroeconomic data

Macroeconomic data, as well as financial news, are fundamental in order to understand the price trend.

There are some data which can however be decisive in investing in binary options.

DeMark’s trendline

Not everyone draw trend lines in the same way, with this trading indicator you will trace your trend lines objectively, thus taking advantage of the trend reversal points by investing in binary options.

Pivot point

Pivot points are places where the price could bounce and rise.

By calculating these points you will find areas where investment becomes easier.

Double Up

The Double Up is available on most binary trading softwares / platforms, it allows you to double your initial investment before the deadline.

VIX Index

The VIX index is a volatility index that can be used to better analyze the different market phases, used to calculate the implicit speed of the options market, which can be used to confirm current trends, as well as the potential reversal points.

Action of the prices

Analyzing the volume of prices can be very useful to better understand the current trends in the markets, thus discovering their strength and potential reversal points.

Moving averages beams

The moving average is one of the most used technical analysis tools because it is among the most reliable.

There are several ways in which you can use the moving average in online trading: in this case we focus on the pattern of the moving average beams.

Conservative, semi conservative and aggressive

One of the best techniques to use in the long term, medium term and short term for binary options trading.

Try binary options starting with a free demo account

Now you know the main patterns

You have all you need to start trading with binary options.

You can start getting familiar with the trading platforms, thanks to the free demo account that brokers offer, without any risk.

By taking advantage of this excellent opportunity you can practice for free, without spending money and without any deposit.

The practice is worth more than any theory, so reading the binary options guides is not enough, but you also have to try the platforms.

All the brokers reviewed by us offer the demo account and are 100% regulated.

We do not list on this site platforms that have not obtained a regular EU license.

Regulated binary options brokers

In order to operate safely it is advisable to contact regulated brokers. All the brokers that we list in our website have a regular European license.

The technical staff of takes care of analyzing in detail the brokers on the market and reviewing each single function and service offered.

All the brokers that you will find on our portal have obtained the regular European license.

You can consult dozens of reviews and choose the broker that best meets your trading needs.



IQ Option is a broker regulated and authorized by CYSEC.

It is also the only binary options broker to also have a downloadable trading platform.

IQ Option offers:

  • free demo account and minimum deposit of € 10;
  • possibility to use a wide range of information material and different patterns explained in detail;
  • possibility to earn, for each individual investment, up to 92% (in case of operation closed successfully);
  • platform available for iOS and Android mobile devices;
  • platform for binary trading available both in web-based version and downloadable version.
Discover IQ Option with a demo account!


Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all funds. Never invest funds that you cannot afford to lose.

Types of options you can use:

Call/Put binary options:

The basic principle is very simple:

  • If you think that the trend up to the time of expiry will be growing, then you will buy a Call option.
  • If you think the trend will be falling, then you will have to bet on a Put option. They have rates of return of 70% -85%.

One touch binary options

They are riskier options, but also much more profitable than the previous ones.

Their use is also very simple.

You will have to predict whether the price of the asset you have chosen will touch a maximum or minimum price established by the broker.

Such a forecast is more difficult to make, but the return rates are staggering: 400-550% of the initial capital!

Range binary options:

To be successful with these options, you will have to predict whether or not the price will remain within a certain price range established by the broker upon expiry.

These options are also quite risky, but certainly less than those of the one touch type; the returns from successful operations are however very high: 200-350%.

We have seen the advantages, but what are the risks?

The more concrete risk is to start thinking that, given the ease of use of binary options, it is only a game and that you can earn easy money, becoming rich in a short time.

It is our job, however, to warn you, because if you start to think so, it means that online trading is not for you.

The promises of easy earnings are in 99% of mere lark mirrors.

Unlike many others, we want you to take this opportunity seriously, because investing money in binary options is not like going to the casino and playing randomly at the roulette, trying to win.

There is no leak, and for sure they are not a scam.

Binary options are not an investment for everyone: it is demonstrated by the fact that many of those who start with this misconception of making easy money, abandon them early, losing their money and wasting their time.

In order to get money concretely using this financial instrument, obtaining profits with continuity and constancy, you will have to observe three rules that we believe are fundamental for success in binary trading:

1st rule of binary options: to be disciplined

The efficiency of an army is directly proportional to the degree of discipline that the soldiers that make it up have.

In the same way, to be efficient in the field of binary options you will have to give yourself a discipline, a precise organization and to respect it always.

You will have to have precise times, manage your time in the best way, follow the trading patterns scrupulously and constantly.

Lack of willpower is the only problem that could hinder your goal of starting to earn seriously.

2nd rule: don’t think about the money

You will have to forget about the money factor.

You will say “it certainly seems easy”: it is true, it’s not simple but you will have to acquire the ability to think in percentage.

As you have seen, the earnings percentages are very high, up to 500%, so even if you decide to venture into the world of binary options with an initial capital of € 50, you will not have to be discouraged.

With dedication and method, you will be able to multiply this sum in the long term.

3rd rule: NEVER neglect the emotional factor

With binary options, the first earnings could be immediately high: it is very important therefore that you stay with your feet on the ground and that you never let yourself be carried away by emotions.

Just as you can earn a lot and in a short time, if you don’t manage the emotional factor well, you could also lose everything with the same ease and speed.

You will have to stay focused and rational, only in this way you will be able to not lose and obtain profits in the long term.

Our opinion

We at hope that you have found the right ideas to take advantage of the opportunity offered by binary trading and we invite you to try opening a demo account on the platform recommended by us.

The last tip is to be always positive, even in front of the hitches you will find along the way.

Living your losses negatively could be an unnecessary extra obstacle in the way to your success.

As already said, we advise you to “train” with the Demo account.


We recommend to open a free and unlimited demo account on  Iq Option

If you don’t have time to study the financial markets and technical analysis, you can learn about eToro Social Trading (or Copy Trading), which allows you to operate on the Forex and CFD market by copying / following the best Traders, also called Popular Investors. This way you will follow their earnings without doing anything or almost anything. Don’t miss the opportunity to open a free $ 100,000 virtual demo account with eToro!

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Useful links: Sec.Gov (the US Securities and Exchange Commission – SEC has legalized trading in binary options since 2008); (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) is the commission on security and supervisory authority of Cyprus, the regulated brokers must have the Cysec license.

Are binary options legal?

Yes, only for professional traders. They are not legal for retail traders (that is the non-professional).

I am a professional trader, which broker do you recommend?

We recommend IQ Option, a European broker regulated by CySEC. Read the article to find out more!