When it comes to binary options trading, the first thing you need to do, in addition to looking for a regulated and authorized CySEC broker, is to consider binary options brokers with a low initial minimum deposit.

Furthermore, the trader who wants to invest in binary options must also be aware of the risk involved in the binary trading. For this reason, we invite all beginners to always choose a binary options broker with a low minimum deposit, as this allows them to reduce their risks.

In order to do this, you need to choose a binary option broker with minimum deposit. The most popular searches are:

  • binary options broker with a minimum deposit of 5 euros;
  • binary options broker with a minimum deposit of 10 euros;
  • binary options broker with a minimum deposit of 50 euros;
  • binary options broker with a minimum deposit of 100 euros.

Obviously it will be up to the trader to choose the minimum deposit that best suits him, based on his online trading experience and what are his possibilities. These listed above are the minimum deposits that a novice broker should seek.

When choosing the broker, it is also important to consider that each broker has its own minimum deposit, that is, the deposit required to access the platform after registering. This minimum deposit changes from one broker to another, but usually it doesn’t exceeds € 250.

An example of broker with low minimum deposit is IQ option, as we will see below.

Best binary options broker with minimum deposit and investment

To search for the most suitable binary options broker with low initial deposit, the trader must also understand how much he is willing to invest to open an account with a binary options broker.

Therefore, if the trader has the possibility to open a trading account with a minimum deposit of 100 € and can open trading positions with only 5 €, then it means that the trader must realize 20 consecutive negative transactions, in order for its capital to go to zero. This seems extremely unlikely.

On the contrary, if the minimum transaction granted by the broker starts from € 20, then the trader is less likely to profit from his trading because, after 5 transactions, his capital will run out.

At this point, if the trader is a beginner with a limited budget, we strongly recommend choosing a binary options broker with low initial deposit and the smallest possible minimum investment.

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Characteristics of the best binary options brokers with low initial minimum deposit

Once we have outlined why a novice trader should choose a binary options broker with a low initial deposit, let’s see how to choose a broker with these characteristics.

Thanks to the internet, today we have the opportunity to choose from many of online binary options brokers. Be careful, however, to choose only regulated and authorized CySEC brokers, in order to avoid scams.

Based on these difficult choices for a trader to face, he must also keep in mind that the choice of the broker cannot be made randomly.

Below we will list the features that binary options brokers must have, so that all traders can open an online trading account with a low deposit. These brokers offer very low minimum deposits on the market just to facilitate novice traders.

Before moving on to examine in detail the best binary options brokers with low initial deposit, below we will list some characteristics common to these brokers:

  • Minimum deposit: it’s the minimum amount that the trader must deposit into the account offered by the broker, in order to open a real account.
  • Minimum trade: the minimum amount accepted by the broker to open a trading position or a market transaction.
  • Evaluation of the broker: it expresses the quality of the broker according to the tests carried out by our staff.
  • Demo account of binary options broker: it expresses the possibility for all traders to trade online with the chosen broker’s platform, testing it and trying their own trading strategies without gaining or losing anything.
  • Binary options brokers with bonus without deposit: it expresses the last feature that binary options brokers must have; this type of offer is reserved for traders who decide to open an account with one of our recommended brokers and who can use for their transactions when they switch from the demo account to the real account.

Best binary option broker with low initial deposit authorized by CySEC

We saw, at the beginning of this page, what are the characteristics that a binary options broker must have in terms of minimum deposit.

Here, instead, we will see which binary options broker offers the best features; let’s start by saying that all the brokers that offer minimum deposits among the lowest on the market are those that offer the possibility to trade with a minimum account between € 5 and € 200. We recommend to use the following binary options broker, which has a low initial deposit of just € 10.

IQ Option Broker


IQ Option is a broker for binary trading, mainly suitable for all traders who do not have huge amounts of money to pay on the first account. In fact, among the many advantages that the broker offers, it is possible to open a trading account with only 10 €, the lowest minimum deposit in the sector!

Moreover, you will have the guarantee of the CySEC regulations, as well as the possibility to have:

  • Free Demo Account;
  • Wide range of detailed information material;
  • Trading tournaments with prizes up for grabs;
  • Professional trading platform;
  • Technical analysis;
  • Profit percentage higher than 90% for each investment;
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals;
  • iOS and Android mobile platform;

Try binary trading with an initial deposit of just €10! IQ Option offers the lowest initial minimum deposit of the sector. Use the button below to start trading with IQ Option.

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