Binary options brokers: list of the best ones and alternatives

Notice: Binary options are not advertised or sold to EWR retail traders. If you are not a professional client, please do not consider binary options, but other financial instruments allowed by ESMA for retail traders.

If you are new to the world of financial markets and are looking for an online trading platform, but you have only heard of Binary Options Brokers, know that you have landed in the right place!

Binary options are the easiest way to start trading online. Among the pages of our site you will find a lot of information regarding trading on binary options platforms, useful tips that will help you understand, starting from scratch, how to invest and earn with the best binary options trading platforms.

Since ESMA has prohibited binary options for retail traders since the summer of 2018, they are only available to professional traders today. Is it the end of trading with derivatives? Absolutely not! There are many other methods to trade derivatives on financial markets, such as CFDs! At the end of this article we we will talk about eToro, a broker that offers CFD trading and that is imposing itself as a serious and reliable intermediary.

Best binary options brokers authorized by CySec

In this section we will deal with the best authorized, regulated and safe / certified binary options brokers, which some also call binary trading platforms.

There are many brokers that allow you to trade in binary options. Some of them are reliable and offer trading platforms that are very simple and convenient to use, while others are definitely to be discarded; while others may even be illegal!

Among the best brokers on the European scene, we at have chosen the best of regulated and safe binary options brokers, therefore with a regular license valid at European level.

In our portal, exclusively dedicated to regulated binary options brokers, you can find all the information you want, to know the universe of trading in binary options. In particular, you will touch the best trading strategies and all the types of binary options available

We at also boast professional collaborations with the sites of the best binary options brokers, and in possession of the regular CySEC license, the European license that protects investors.


We at also boast professional collaborations with the sites of the best binary options brokers, and in possession of the regular CySEC license, the European license that protects investors.

In this regard, we recommend to beginners to start on the trading platforms with a free demo account, without deposit, to do all the practice that you need.

Before going into detail and introducing regulated binary options brokers, we think you should know that investing in binary options requires certain knowledge to get profits, in addition to the fact that only professionals can invest in binary trading. So, we invite you to consult the various sections on the site, you will find all the information you need to start trading safely.

Binary Options brokers authorized by Cysec ?

Binary Options Brokers - Top 10 Binary Options Brokers 2020

The brokers you see in our website are all regulated and authorized by CySEC, the entity responsible for regulating brokers operating in European territory and having their registered office in Cyprus. Thanks to the CySEC license, your investments and your capital are protected by European legislation which provides for periodic very severe checks, to certify the quality and transparency of the services offered by brokers.

Before choosing a binary options broker, you will need to know some specific terms that will help you choose the broker that most suits you, let’s see them together:

  • 1) Minimum deposit: the minimum deposit is the minimum amount that you can pay into your trading account to access the platform made available by the broker, and thus start investing. Go to our in-depth analysis dedicated to Binary Options Brokers with low minimum deposit.
  • 2) Minimum trade: the minimum trade is the minimum amount that you can invest in each purchase of a binary option. For example, if the minimum trade is € 5, it means that you will not be able to invest a lower amount for each binary option you decide to buy.
  • 3) Return: binary options offer very high returns which are calculated as a percentage, an average return of 80% means that, on average, every single binary option purchased allows you to get an 80% gain.

Comparison of binary options brokers: main features

Broker opzioni binarie

1st FEATURE: European license

The first requirement that a binary options broker should have is certainly the regular European license, usually issued by CySEC. CySec is the financial market surveillance entity of Cyprus.

With the CySEC license, a broker can operate throughout the European Union. We talk about CySEC because many brokers are based in Cyprus, but other authorities from EU member states are considered reliable.

Years ago, thanks to the rapid growth of binary options, a regulatory procedure became necessary to which all binary options brokers should adhere. Otherwise, those who had not joined would have been declared illegal in all respects.

The European license guarantees the quality of the services offered, in addition, it guarantees the protection of funds deposited by users through an insurance that covers up to € 20,000. Choosing European licensed brokers not only benefits traders, but also the whole binary options sector. Only brokers who offer the regular European license and therefore undergo periodic quality checks, deserve to stay in business.

2nd FEATURE: trading platform

The trading platform must be simple to use, user-friendly and above all stable: no connection problems or bugs must compromise the trader’s ability to open and close positions.

The requirement for speed of order execution is fundamental when using certain expirations, such as the “60 seconds” one: a slowdown can cause a loss. For example, if you invested in a Call binary option with Apple shares as underlying asset and these, at the time of your purchase, were listed at 520 and maybe after two seconds they are listed at 520.50, a two-second slowdown can make you lose your investment because the price may not rise or fall to 520.30 by the due date.

The charts must be clearly visible, as they allow the trader to see the price trends. Usually, to invest and have high probabilities in favor, you always follow the trend of the moment. If there is an upward trend, it will be very likely that this trend will continue. Otherwise, in the presence of a bearish trend it is more likely that the price will continue to fall. Here are some examples of trends:


Trend Strategy - Free Binary Options


Winning Binary Options Strategy

Another fundamental requirement of the trading platform is the closing of orders upon expiry. It may seem strange, but in some fast deadlines a closure with 2 or 3 seconds of delay can be decisive.

3rd FEATURE: binary options broker’s minimum deposit / minimum investment ratio

As you well know, the minimum deposit is the minimum amount of capital that you can deposit in order to access the trading platform offered by the broker. The minimum trade,instead, is the minimum capital that you can invest in each trading operation, that is, for each purchase of a binary option.

We recommend that the minimum trade never exceeds 5-10% of the minimum deposit, because by exceeding these percentages you would not have the opportunity to better manage your assets. The risk that you should take for each investment is 5-10%, only in this way will you be able to obtain excellent long-term performance.

4th FEATURE: Customer support

Customer support is crucial. It serves to solve problems, to clarify the registration procedures and is also a valuable aid in the investment phase. Make sure that the broker you choose offers professional assistance and, above all, in your language.

5th FEATURE: Information material

The information material is used to acquire new knowledge in order to optimize your investments. A broker who offers you free information material proves to be on your side and to want to favor you. Obviously, the information material offered must be complete and simple to understand. A broker that offer this service are:


  • Integrated blog for:
    • trading strategies;
    • technical analysis;
    • candlestick;
  • Website:
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Broker: main types of binary options


Each binary options broker offers a specific platform. It means that you should try to figure out which platform is right for you. To help you, we advise you to read the reviews we have written on the individual brokers.

Builder binary options: builder binary options are a particular type of binary options that allows the trader to set a refund percentage in case of loss.

60 seconds binary options: 60 seconds binary options are the same as the classic high / low, with the only difference that the expiry of the option is only 60 seconds.

One touch binary options: this particular type of binary options allows you to get earnings ranging from 200% to 550%. One touch binary options have a weekly expiry and the trader must make a forecast based on a price value set by the broker. If this price is touched, even just once before the expiration, you will earn from 200% to 550% of the invested capital.

In addition to listing the main types of binary options offered by the various brokers, we also offer you an evaluation ef the trading platforms, to choose the intermediary that best meets your needs.

First of all we would like to tell you that not all platforms are the same.

A serious platform, worthy of an excellent broker, deserves our attention only if equipped with a valid and fast software with which to trade binary options.

But this is not enough; other parameters should be added, including:

  1. Minimum deposit: feature linked to both the broker and the platform. For both, to be defined excellent, they must allow a minimum deposit ranging from 10 to 20 €.
  2. Minimum trade: varies from 1 to 20 €.
  3. Demo accounts, or the ability to trade by simulating the real account, without using real money.
  4. Good opinions: excellent reviews from traders who use that platform.

Comparison of binary options brokers: list of the best

Choosing the best broker is the first step to start trading online; but it is also the most important step. A wrong choice of broker could condemn you to future losses, if for example you find yourself with an obsolete or malfunctioning trading platform.

First of all we would like to tell you that the best brokers must have the following characteristics:

  • The first point concerns security, therefore brokers must compulsorily possess CySEC license and authorization. In this case we can consider them regulated brokers.
  • They must offer a welcome bonus, which is a bonus that the broker will give you after you make your first deposit.
  • They must allow to operate with multiple types of assets, to allow traders to diversify and optimize investments, therefore:
    1. Stocks
    2. Currency pairs
    3. Stock indices
    4. Commodities
  • They must have a simple, fast and intuitive form of deposit and withdrawal.
  • They must offer high rates of return; a binary options broker is defined good if, on average, it gives a percentage of profit between 75% and 90% of the invested capital.
  • It must have a good evaluation regarding the assistance offered, guaranteeing multiple ways of communication between traders and brokers:
    1. Help Desk.
    2. Live chat.
    3. Tutorial.
    4. E-Book.
    5. Training courses for beginners.
    6. Video lessons.
  • Amounts to be considered: minimum trading deposit. In principle we have an oscillation ranging from € 5 to € 25.
  • Minimum deposit to open an account: again, we have a minimum of € 100 up to a maximum of € 250.

Below you will find the best regulated binary options brokers. To learn more about each of them, we invite you to visit the related reviews, which illustrate in detail the main features (Training, Platform, Bonus, Customer Support, etc …) along with opinions and comments.



IQ Option is a regulated binary options broker that has unique and very interesting features, thanks also to the fact that it offers the possibility to trade with a very low deposit.

Let’s move on to describe the main characteristics of the broker:

  • Ability to operate with a free demo account;
  • Minimum deposit of only € 10;
  • Extensive training material;
  • Several expanded strategies explained in detail by experts;
  • Opportunity to participate in trading tournaments organized by the broker with different prizes to be won;
  • CySEC regulated broker;
  • Professional trading platform available both in web-based and downloadable mode;
  • Earnings rate of up to 90%;
  • FX options.
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Binary options bonuses: what they are

A binary options bonus is first of all an incentive and never a gift. This means that a binary options broker offers its bonus to encourage the investor to make a first deposit.

ATTENTION – According to updates of the CYSEC regulation, brokers can no longer offer welcome BONUS to incentivize traders. We have however left this paragraph on BONUS for informational purposes only, but it should be borne in mind that no regulated broker can offer BONUS on deposit or without deposit.

Certainly, binary options brokers that do not have a regular license must be discarded a priori, because there is no guarantee, they lack transparency, and consequently, they apply a somewhat dubious bonus policy. It is good to remember that brokers, even regulated ones, reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of the bonuses at any time: this means that the broker is still free to modify the parameters of the promotion, if he deems it appropriate.

We point out that there are 2 different types of bonuses offered by the best binary options brokers:

  1. Binary options bonus on deposit;
  2. Binary options bonus without deposit.

1. The binary options bonus on deposit is offered by the broker following the deposit. It may vary based on the initial amount loaded into your account. Many binary options brokers offer a bonus equal to 50% of the capital initially paid, the most generous go up to a bonus equal to 100% of the first deposit. Obviously there is a limit, for example when we read the specific “100% bonus up to € 2500” it clearly means that the bonus cannot be higher than that figure.

2. The Binary Options Bonus without deposit, also called the “Welcome Bonus“, is offered to encourage registrations to the trading platform. As the word itself suggests,it does not depend on any payment, but is offered free of charge upon registration. Usually the amount of this type of bonus is minimal, something like of € 10 – € 20.

But what are the bonus parameters of binary options brokers?


There are several parameters you need to consider in order to choose the binary options bonus that best meets your needs:

  • 1) Bonus percentage

A binary options bonus is always calculated in terms of percentage to be applied to the first deposit made. Usually, as anticipated, it can fluctuate between 50% and 100% of the deposited capital. This means that if you decide to deposit € 100 and the bonus percentage is 50%, your total trading capital is € 150.

  • 2) Maximum bonus

In addition to the percentage of bonus, binary options brokers also provide for a maximum portion of the payable bonus. For example, if the bonus is 50% of the deposit, and the maximum bonus is € 300, a € 1,000 deposit does not give you a € 500 bonus, but € 300.

  • 3) Volume of the binary options bonus

The bonus is a share associated with the capital, but it is not immediately withdrawable. In fact, in order to withdraw the bonus you need to perform a certain number of operations, which consist of the necessary volume.

If the binary options broker has set a volume of 10, the amount you get from the bonus has to be handled 10 times before it can be withdrawn.

Let’s take a simple example:

  • Bonus of 100% of the deposit.
  • Volume 10.
  • Realized deposit € 100.

Your capital is therefore € 200, and the volume can be calculated both on the bonus percentage and on the total value (capital + bonus). This is spcified in the bonus policy! We admit that the volume is calculated only and exclusively on the bonus, therefore, on the amount of € 100 obtained and associated with your account. To calculate the trading volume to be made, just multiply € 100 x 10. In this case, the volume to be made is equal to € 1,000.

  • 4) What does volume to realize mean?

Obviously it doesn’t mean that you have to earn € 1,000, starting from the bonus of € 100, but you need to generate movements that add up to this figure. Let’s take a practical example, considering 5 operations:

  • 1st trade: profit € 10;
  • 2nd trade: loss € 5;
  • 3rd trade: profit € 15;
  • 4th trade: profit € 20;
  • 5th trade: loss € 10;

The volume generated is equal to the sum of the 5 trades: 10 + 5 + 15 + 20 + 10 = € 60.

Warning: the broker may establish that some types of binary options do not participate in the determination of the volume.

  • 5) Expiration of the binary options bonus

The bonus could also have an expiry date, which means that, in order to be withdrawn, the volume of transactions carried out must be reached by a certain date, under penalty of loss of the right to the bonus as well as any profits generated by using the capital resulting from the bonus.

These are the main features of the binary options broker bonuses. At this point you have to ask yourself whether or not you are willing to receive the bonus, after having read the broker’s bonus policy.

  • 6) When it is appropriate to receive the bonus 

To guarantee bonuses that foresee high volumes, it would be advisable for you to establish a priori the number of operations to be carried out, and compare them with the trading strategy you intend to follow; because if your strategy involves few operations you may not reach the volume to be made and therefore you will not be able to withdraw the bonus.

Binary options brokers that offer free and unlimited demo account

world's Top 3 Forex website - Online Bet Info

In the search for the best binary options broker, a very important factor to evaluate is the demo account.

How many times have you searched for “demo trading account“? Thanks to the demo account you can try to do binary trading without risks, as the money invested is not real and consequently you will not win or lose your money.

Demos, or demo binary options platforms, are all those brokers who offer an even unlimited demo account with the main purpose of testing binary options strategies without the need to invest real money.

Usually the demo account does not differ from the real account; the main difference is that we operate with virtual and not real money. The demo account is useful for all traders who want to trade with virtual currency to simulate real trading, without putting their capital at risk.

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Demo account: different types

We can distinguish different types of demo accounts. These change based on the offers of the broker and differ in:

  • Demo account on deposit: or a demo account granted only and solely when you make a minimum deposit into your account.
  • Demo account with limit of duration: demo account exactly identical to the real account, which allows you to have access to a limited time trading simulation.
  • Full demo account without deposit: this type of demo account is granted for an unlimited time and through it all traders can test their strategies and practice when and how they want.

We can also tell you that progress has been made on the binary options demo account at the moment, although unfortunately they are not yet at the levels of the Forex Trading demo platforms!


Binary options are certainly a great opportunity, but this does not mean that you can easily get rich if you invest in binary options, the investor always makes the difference!

There are people who have made money by investing in binary options, but there are also people who have lost money. So, if you feel able and really want to learn to trade, investing your money and your time, then binary options are probably right for you. But you should only choose regulated brokers to avoid scams.

We at offer you the best brokers, but at the same time we want to make you aware that the information we provide will not make the difference, but your determination will!

Alternatives to binary options: eToro

An alternative to binary options can be CFD trading, but also real trading. A broker that can offer you this is eToro, which we at recommend above all for the function of Social Trading.

On the eToro platform it is possible to trade online on a large number of financial assets, the offer is indeed very wide making eToro one of the best Forex brokers in Europe.

There are no commissions on eToro for opening or closing traders’ positions. This is great news because it can be a great saving for traders.

The broker gets its profit not from commissions, but from the difference between the purchase and sale values ​​of each financial asset, called in technical language spread.

Come far rendere i risparmi col trading CFD

The peculiarity of eToro is constituted as we said at the beginning of the paragraph by the function of Social trading.

It consists of transforming trading into a social experience. Users can indeed exchange comments, strategies, suggestions and graphs with each other, so as to make the financial trading activity common.

In this way, novice traders can benefit from the experience of more experienced colleagues and take advantage for their own operations.

Another way to help beginner traders is copy trading, which is the ability to copy entire transactions from other more experienced users, called Popular Investors, freely choosing the amount.

On eToro it is possible to open a demo account on which to practice on the financial markets for free and without any risk.

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What is a binary options broker?

It is a broker that offers binary options trading to its clients. Remember that only professional traders can trade with this financial instrument.

Does IQ Option allow binary trading?

Yes, it does, but only for professional traders as required by ESMA’s new rules.

Are binary options available for everyone?

No, if you are a retail trader you cannot trade binary options. Only professionals can operate with this tool.