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Welcome to, the reference point for all fans of Binary Options / Binary trading. We are online from the 2006 and we always try to offer the best to our traders, providing them support with rich explanations of original content,technical analysis, Live Quotes, Forex charts and explanatory images for each topic covered.

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candlestickBinary Options


Binary Options = More fun mathematics

"Binary Options": Now in constant financial instrument climb in Google searches.

  • What are binary options?
  • How much you earn with binary options?
  • How do online trading with binary options?
  • What's the difference Forex Trading ?

To these questions we want to answer in the various sections of this site, trying to treat the subject in 360 °. We bring you right away that with this tool you canearn money by investing in the stock market with the internet from home. But careful not to delude you, because you can earn, but you can also lose. E 'therefore necessary to explore thoroughly the tecniche di trading binary, As it is true that Binary Options I am a financial instrument also suitable for beginners, but as in every industry it is useful to go to the bottom as much as possible.

On our portal you can find useful information onfinancial markets,the reviews of best binary options brokers(Only regulated platforms Cysec license and / or Consob), and all you need to become a professional trader; from best binary options strategies to operate successfully, the indispensable tools used by professional traders to earn money online:

  1. Technical indicators;
  2. Trading signals;
  3. Graphics;
  4. Robot for automatic binary trading.

Staff consists of a team of industry professionals, now present on the field for several years. Our experience and our professionalism are rewarded by the many users who connect daily on our site in search of strategies to earn from home internet or simply for a Daily technical analysis or financial market.

candlestickWhat are binary options?


they are defined Binary Options, All those investment techniques that allow the trader to operate in a simple and immediate way the financial markets. Their application or Asset fields are:

  1. currencies;
  2. Raw material;
  3. Actions;
  4. Indices;

Le Binary Optionsare very simple to be exchanged at the same time are very difficult to keep under control. For this reason, due to their intrinsic nature, on our site you can find lots guide opzioni binariethat show you exactly how you can trading with binary options.

winning features of binary options:

  • High returns in a short time (30-60 seconds). The yield varies from one broker and can reach a maximum dell'80% gain.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ability to control the risk with the stop loss.

candlestick How do online trading with binary options?


Many believe that do online trading with binary options is a thing to be true guru of trading or financial magnates.

Today we can say with certainty that the Binary OptionsThey are a good tool for beginners, or those who are now starting to make binary trading.

There are different systems for do online trading with binary options; in principlethe question is, according to the binary options strategies and various trading signals offered, if the price of a given financial well-defined asset will rise or fall in a predetermined period of time.

To trade online with binary options is not difficult and if your prediction is correct, you can also achieve gains that go beyond the 80% yield. To trade binary options you have to choose which of these tools work:

  • Up / Down options (up or down);
  • Touch / No Touch options (Touches does not touch);
  • opzioni 60 secondi;
  • etc..

A typical example may be the forecast if the € / $ exchange will rise or fall in the next 15 minutes. In summary, with binary options you have:

  • Select an asset among those made available by your broker (currencies, gold, oil ...);
  • Indicate a period of time in which to perform the operation (seconds, minutes, hours ...);
  • Establish the amount of the investment that you want to bet;
  • Choose growth or decline, depending on your strategy.

For further information, click here>>

candlestick How much can you earn with binary options?


Many of you come to learn about binary options believing that it is the best way to earn online. Asked if you can make money with binary trading? The answer is yes, but in simple terms.

Le Binary Options is a simplified way to negotiate:

  • titles;
  • commodities;
  • indices;
  • currency pairs;

Trading online binary options is simple, fast, fun and at the same time very profitable. We also want to point out that on the one hand with binary options you can earn huge sums of money, on the other hand there is a elevatodi risk losing all the capital.

First of all we can tell you with certainty that trading with binary options produces high yields, reaching even the '80% -90% in a short period of time. These yields, in fact, may be obtained in a few minutes or even in only 60 sec.

Binary Options: The 5 Best Trades of 24option

Binary Options: The 5 Best Trades of 24option - RISK WARNING: Trading binary options involves risk and may result in the loss of all your invested capital.


Attention to the risk! One of the main factors to take into account the risk. You can also lose the amount invested, and it is for this reason that it is important to know how to choose the Binary options strategies that best suits your needs and put it into practice.

Having a strategy is important to better manage the thrill of winning, but also to contain any leaks. For this reason it is appropriate to take the lead you have to do online trading with binary options in a conscious and responsible. To learn more, visit our article on How to make money with binary options, click here>>

candlestick What advantages of trading with Binary Options?


Before you start trading online with binary options, below we present the ones that we can define the advantages and disadvantages of trading with binary options.

  • When trading binary options, they know immediately the risks involved, as they are fixed.
  • We can choose the amount to be invested before making a transaction.
  • you can not lose more than the amount invested since there is the possibility to use leverage as trading in Forex.
  • Binary options allow you to know how much money before the deadline is possible to do; then there is the problem to set a stop loss as it does for the forex.
  • And 'possible to make a profit, once it is judicious prediction, regardless if the price has moved to 1 or 20 pip pip.
  • no need to purchase the underlying asset as in the forex market; just predict what will be the price trend.

These are the main differences in the binary options compared to forex that make trading with binary options suitable for everyone.

candlestick How to choose the right online trading strategy?


A trader must consider, first, that will never do trading with binary options without having first accumulated some experience and adequate preparation. Your success depends only on you! It will be important, therefore, to plan a strategy so that your gain would be lasting.

Choosing the right strategy, easy to apply and cost effective at the same time, it can take a lot of effort, even weeks of preparation, before getting the winning results on the long-term. Our advice is to follow all the strategies (not only those offered by different brokers) and learn how to read charts and trading signals to quickly become a winning trader.

To learn more visit the dedicated section Binary Options Strategies>>

candlestick Binary options demo account

Before opening a real account you can try a DEMO account Binary Options.In fact, many brokers offer free demo account to test the platform and try all the features offered. The demo account allows you to trade with binary options without losing or gaining nothing, but only by experience, test strategies, get familiar with the platform, etc. Our advice is to start trading virtual money before risking real money.

To open a demo account binary options is very simple, just follow these steps 3.

  1. choose a binary options brokers that they offer a demo account where you can make real-time trading with play money.
  2. Make the minimum deposit required by the broker to unlock the demo account binary options.
  3. Use the demo account to practice binary trading with the chosen strategies

Prova 24Option

Try the binary options trading even with a Demo Account Deposit, 24Option is a regulated broker and offers many benefits including: free training, Trading Signals and license CYSEC!
RISK WARNING: Trading binary options involves risk and may result in the loss of all your invested capital.

candlestick Best Binary Options Broker


The basic step to start making Online trading with binary options It is precisely the choice of broker. Many of you will be wondering how to choose with confidence the most robust platform. For these most important needs we have created a comparative table listing ONLY brokers regulated (European Licence Cysec and Italian Consob).

IQOption - 10 € Minimum Deposit and Free Demo Account

IQOption - 10 € Minimum Deposit and Free Demo Account

All brokers are required to respect theMIFIDwhich requires the maximum level of transparency in all the EU financial intermediaries.

To choose the platform according to the characteristics that may apply to you (Bonus Minimum Deposit, Payout, etc ...) here is the list ofBinary Options BrokerConsob compared >>

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